Skarloey & Friends is a Thomas series about the narrow gauge engines. It is narrated by Pierce Brosnan (US) and Michael Angelis (UK).


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • 1. Don't Be Silly, Willy: Skarloey meets a new engine named Willy. Skarloey tries to teach him how to do his work, but Willy dosen't listen and calls Skarloey a Bossy Boiler.
  • 2. Popper The Horrid: Skarloey meets a truck named Popper.
  • 3. Harmood Works It Out: Harmood ignores Popper's advice.
  • 4. Sir Handel The Great: Sir Handel races Harmood.
  • 5. A New Friend For Sir Handel: A new engine named Felix has an accident and Sir Handel saves him.
  • 6. Ed's Secret: An new diesel engine named Ed arrives and works at the quarry with Booker and Sheldon and Sally.
  • 7. The Spotless Record: An engine named Roy arrives on the narrow gauge railway and has a spotless record.
  • 8. Peter Sam And The Flagpole: Peter sam is afraid his favorite tree will get cut down and turned into a flagpole.
  • 9. Skarloey And The New Engine: Skarloey and the other engines think a new steamie named Rex is friends with the diesels.
  • 10. Skarloey, Rusty And John: Skarloey and Rusty must save John when he runs out of fuel on the old viaduct.
  • 11. Lewis's Special Special - Skarloey meets an engine called Lewis.
  • 12. Skarloey and The Birthday Mail - Skarloey wants to deliver birthday presents to Bridgett, a young girl living at Hill Farm, and despite warnings of bad weather from Harold sets off to avoid an annoying pink narrow gauge engine called Sophie. Skarloey takes a difficult route that Sophie is unable to stand, but when he encounters a landslide he recklessly tries to push through and slips. Sophie, luckily, has managed to catch up to him and takes Skarloey's trucks to Hill Farm, and to cheer Skarloey up brings Bridgett down to visit him.

Direct-To-Video Specials



  • Pierce Brosnan: US Narrator
  • Michael Angelis: UK Narrator and the voice of Rusty




  • Made in CGI.
  • Even though Thomas, James and Neil are the only main characters who are stanard gauge engines, there are times where the other big engines appear too.



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