Skarloey & The Great Discovery is the first Skarloey & Friends special.


Skarloey discovers a long lost town named Great Laketon. All the engines work hard to restore it in time for Sodor Day. Mr. Percival puts Skarloey in charge of the work. A new engine named Casey arrives to do Skarloey's normal work. But, when Skarloey has an accident and goes to the repair yard. Casey is in charge. Skarloey tries to play a trick on Casey to make him look silly and to get put in charge again. But, the plan dosen't work. And when Skarloey is missing, Mr. Percival luanches a search party all over Sodor. Skarloey is found by Casey and the two of them become friends.


  • Skarloey & Harmood Are Racing
  • Jobs For Everyone
  • Where O Where Is Skarloey
  • Engine Roll Call (Narrow Gauge Version)


This is the final full model production of Skarloey.



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