Skarloey Helps Lord Harry, Retitled Lord Harry Goes Overboard In American Releases, Is A Season 16 Episode.


  • Director: Steve Asquith

                  Darrel Van Citters

  • Narrators: Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)
                    Michael Angelis (UK/US)

                     Joseph J. Terry (US)


  • Thomas
  • Duck  
  • Oliver (Cameo)
  • Skarloey
  • Freddie
  • Diesel 11 (Not Named)
  • Culdee
  • The Mountain Engine (Using Godred's Model & Lord Harry's Whistle, non-speaking role)
  • Godred (cameo, not seen until Bad Look-Out For Godred/Duck Helps Godred-US)
  • Lord Harry
  • Mr. Percival


Skarloey Meets A Rude Mountain Engine Named Lord Harry.


  • Narrator: Skarloey Was A Little Engine Who Worked On The Island Of Sodor. He Was Very Proud. One Day, Skarloey Was At The Transfer Yards With Thomas, Duck, Sir Handel and Culdee. He Was Going To Tell Them A Story About A Mountain Engine, Who Kept A Bad-Look Out.
  • Skarloey: Once Upon A Time. There Was A Mountain Engine, Who Was Bad & Careless. He Never Kept A Good Look Out. One Day, He Was Puffing Along The Mountain Line, When He Was Heading For A High, Dangerous Mountain Cliff. He Braked Hard, But He Fell Right Off The Cliff. A Loud Whistle Escaped From The Mountain Engine As He Fell Down Towards The Ravine. Suddenly, His Whistle Was Cut Short By A Tremendous Smashing Sound As He Hit The Ravine Hard. The Sound Of Bit & Pieces Flying Followed & The Noise Died To Silence.
  • Narraror: Thomas, Duck, Sir Handel & Culdee Were Silent.
  • Duck: What Happened To The Mountain Engine After That?
  • Skarloey: He Was Recovered, But He Was Not Repaired & Was Sent To The Shed For Two Months In Disgrace.
  • Thomas: Is He Still There?
  • Skarloey: He Got It When He Deserves.
  • Narrator: Soon, After Skarloey's Story, A Rude Mountain Engine Arrived. He Was Painted Purple With Red Stripes. His Nameplate Was Put On His Sides. His Number was 6. And His Name Was Lord Harry.
  • Lord Harry: Hey, You Stupid Engines! I'm Lord Harry!
  • Sir Handel: He's A Bad Tempered Engine.
  • Narrator: Skarloey Never Saw Lord Harry Before.
  • Skarloey: I Never Liked You Before.
  • Lord Harry: You're A Little Red Engine!
  • Skarloey: How Rude!
  • Narrator: Skarloey Puffed To Tell Duck About Lord Harry's Attitude.
  • Skarloey: Lord Harry's Rude.
  • Duck: Yes, He Is.
  • Narrator: Later, Mr. Percival Had Important News For Skarloey & Lord Harry The News
  • Mr. Percival: Skarloey, Lord Harry, You Have To Double-Head The Mountain Road.
  • Narrator: Skarloey Was Pleased, But Lord Harry Was Cross. Freddie Was Puffing Up A Hill When He Heard A Diesel's Horn.
  • Diesel 11: Gotcha' Nis' Time, Freddie!
  • Narrator: Soon, Culdee, Thomas, Sir Handel & Duck Arrived.
  • Duck: Oh No!
  • Freddie: Help Me!
  • Narrator: Soon, The Diesel Took Freddie To The Large Smelter's Shed.
  • Diesel 11: Bye-Bye Fearless Freddie!
  • Thomas: He's In Danger!
  • Narrator: So The Allies Took Freddie Out Of The Shed. Soon, Lord Harry Was Puffing Up A Mountain.
  • Lord Harry: I Don't Want To Double-Head The Mountain Road With You!
  • Narrator: Soon, Skarloey & Lord Harry Puffed Along The Mountain Road, But Lord Harry Grew Even Crosser.
  • Lord Harry: Fusspot! Fusspot!
  • Skarloey: Look In The Track.
  • Narrator: Soon, They Come Through A Tunnel.
  • Skarloey: Look In The Track. Look In The Track.
  • Narrator: Soon, Skarloey & Lord Harry Puffed Out Of The Tunnel. But Suddenly, Lord Harry came off the tracks and dangled on the edge of the cliff.
  • Skarloey: Hold On!
  • Narrator:  But Lord Harry Was Still Dangling. Mr. Percival Sent For Sir Handel.
  • Narrator: Sir Handel & Skarloey Pulled Lord Harry Back On The Rails & Set Off Their Journey. Soon, Mr. Percival Was Cross With Lord Harry.
  • Mr. Percival: Lord Harry! You Had Being Rude To The Other Engines! For Your Punishment For Being Naughty, You'll Be In Your Shed For Two Months!
  • Lord Harry: NO! NOT TWO MONTHS!
  • Mr. Percival: Yes! Two Months!
  • Skarloey: I Hope You Learned Your Lesson.
  • Narrator: Lord Harry Felt Silly. But I Hope He Learned His Lesson. Don't You?

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