Skarloey and the Chocolate Factory

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Skarloey and the Chocolate Factory is a Thomas/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory FL parody made by BrittalCroftFan.


  • Skarloey as Charlie Bucket
  • Edward as Willy Wonka (you can edit)
  • Duke as Grandpa George
  • Duck as Grandpa Joe (DO NOT EDIT!)
  • Old Slow Coach as Grandma Josephine
  • Madge as Grandma Georgina
  • Thomas as Mr. Bucket
  • Emily as Mrs. Bucket
  • Daisy as Veruca Salt
  • Percy as Augustus Gloop (edit please because I can't)
  • Roise as Violet Beaureguarde
  • James as Mike Teavee
  • Molly as Mrs. Gloop
  • Lady as Mrs. Beaureguarde
  • Henry as Mr. Salt
  • Caroline as Mrs. Salt
  • Salty as Mr. Teavee
  • Hiro as Wilbur Wonka

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