Thomas and the Steam Team are working Engines.One day Thomas and his friends busy but only percy doesn't has work,Thomas got his best friends Percy to go at the Bluemountain quarry.Percy listen and happy then he goes to the Bluemountain quarry .He saw everyone working hard but only Skaloey.Percy chuff to Skaloey and tell a funny story

and Skaloey like it.Percy buccul the flatboard and he pull Skaloey and saw Diesel,he pull percy and Skaloey at Dieselwork.Diesel engine see Percy and cheering,Percy doesn't belive it "You're lead the Bluemountain controller to see all of Island of Sodor" they said.Then percy pulls Skaloey to steamworks.The engine were surprise that's 

Percy can find the new work without in only at Steamworks.Thomas give Annie and Clarabel  to Percy new work of for all