Skarloey the Narrow Gauge Engine & Friends is a Thomas series about the narrow gauge engines. It is narrated by Pierce Brosnan (US) and Michael Angelis (UK).


Season 1

Season 2

  • 1. Rheneas And The Oil Painting: Rheneas shows a famous artist around the railway.
  • 2. A Better View For Sir Handel: Sir Handel goes to a new station.
  • 3. Marge's New Coaches: Skarloey meets a new engine named Marge. When Marge saves Skarloey from crashing into Bertrum, Mr. Percival gives 3 new coaches new coaches
  • 4. Duke Helps Sally: Duke must rescue Sally.
  • 5. Booker, Sheldon & The Diseasel: Booker and Sheldon the yellow narrow gauge twins arrive on the railway. One day, when their freight cars are missing, they meet a diesel engine named Shaun.
  • 6. Duncan Goes Buzz Buzz: Duncan gets stung by a bee.
  • 7. Freddie And Bertrum: Duke rescues Bertrum when he gets stuck in the snow.
  • 8. Mighty Mac To The Rescue: Might Mac rescues an engine named Ivo Hugh and his truck, Roy from scrap.
  • 9. Ivo Hugh Owns Up: Ivo Hugh falls down the turntable well.
  • 10. Brock Gets Lost: Brock works at the quarry with Freddie and Sally. But, on his way home, he gets lost.
  • 11. Freddie And The Scrap Engines: Two scrap diesels named Mort and Gort try to scrap Freddie.
  • 12. Duke, Peter Sam And The Wrong Road: Duke gets turned onto the main line and Peter Sam gets turned onto the branch line.
  • 13. Skarloey comes to Breakfast: Skarloey's driver tells him that he could almost manage running the branch line without him. He is only joking, but Skarloey doesn't realise this, and pays the price dearly after trying to move by himself the next day and crashing straight into the stationmaster's house at the end of the line. The accident leaves him severely damaged, and Mr. Percival Tells him that a diesel will replace him while he is away.
  • 14. Diana: Diana, a narrow gauge diesel railcar, has been bought to help Rheneas and Freddie whilst Skarloey is at the works. However, she proves to be very stubborn and even refuses to do the chores she hates.
  • 15. Rheneas' Predicament: Freddie offers to swap jobs with Rheneas so he can have a rest from taking the milk Diana keeps leaving behind. Unfortunately, Rheneas has never worked at the quarry before, and the trucks are quick to take advantage of this.
  • 16. Duke Helps Mighty Mac: Duke rescues Mighty Mac.
  • 17. Rheneas' Ghostly Trick: Rheneas crashes into a cart of flour and tries to scare Skarloey.
  • 18. What's The Matter With Peter Sam?: Peter Sam is ill.
  • 19. John And The Foolish Fish Cars: John tries to show the others that he can pull fish cars, but he ends up falling in water.
  • 20. Best Friends: Skarloey avoids telling Rheneas that he got chosen to take the brass band, a job that Rheneas wants to do.
  • 21. Skarloey And The Missing Christmas Tree: Skarloey gets stuck in snow.

Season 3

  • 1. Don't Be Silly, Willy: Skarloey meets a new engine named Willy. Skarloey tries to teach him how to do his work, but Willy dosen't listen and calls Skarloey a Bossy Boiler.
  • 2. Skarloey and The Birthday Mail: Skarloey wants to deliver birthday presents to Bridgett, a young girl living at Hill Farm, and despite warnings of bad weather from Harold sets off to avoid an annoying pink narrow gauge engine called Sophie.
  • 3. Popper The Horrid: Skarloey meets a truck named Popper. Can he shunt Popper without being scared of him?
  • 4. Duke The Great: Dukes races Harmood.
  • 5. A New Friend For Duke: A new engine named Felix has an accident and Duke saves him.
  • 6. Ed's Secret: An new diesel engine named Ed arrives and works at the quarry with Booker and Sheldon and Sally.
  • 7. The Spotless Record: An engine named Roy arrives on the narrow gauge railway and has a spotless record.
  • 8. Peter Sam And The Flagpole: Peter Sam is afraid his favorite tree will get cut down and turned into a flagpole.
  • 9. Skarloey And The New Engine: Skarloey and the other engines think a new steamie named Rex is friends with the diesels.
  • 10. Duncan Works It Out: Duncan ignores Popper's advice.
  • 11. Skarloey, Rusty And John: Skarloey and Rusty must save John when he runs out of fuel on the old viaduct.
  • 12. Lewis's Special Special: Skarloey meets an engine called Lewis.
  • 13. Sophie's Funfair Special: Sophie and Marge are pulling a train for a fair, but Sophie wants to pull it alone to prove her worth. When Sophie reaches the docks, she only pulled half the train due to a coupling snap. Further carriages snap off during the trip causing accidents affecting Thomas, Brock and Marge.
  • 14Thomas Thru storm Thomas got lost in a strom.
  • 15. Jerry and the New Railway: Jerry discovers a new railway and names it Rheneas Railway.
  • 16. Bad Coal: Lewis accidently breaks down because he used bad coal.
  • 17. Splish, Splash, Sprite!: Skarloey and Sophie play in the mud.

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Direct-To-Video Specials


  • Pierce Brosnan: US Narrator
  • Michael Angelis: UK Narrator



  • Season 1 is made with no CGI, Season 2 has 15 episodes not CGI, but the rest of them are CGI, and Season 3 gets full CGI. Made in CGI.
  • Even though Thomas, James and Neil are the only main characters who are standard gauge engines, there are times where the other big engines appear too.
  • Some narrow gauge engines never appear in Thomas the Tank Engine stories.



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