Skate is a well known member of Sheezyart and while he has no spriting ability whatsoever he still goes around criticizing people on their sprites and acting like he is sum sort of god ololol.

Skate was B& from sheezyart for three days, then two weeks, then another two weeks for first class opinion having and after being unb& got all emo and left sheezyart, but was a wuss so he came back the next day. And then he was banned again permanently LOLOLOLOLOL


"A duck is a duck and you're are what!"

~Joshua Garrison on Skate.

"*report* *delete comment*"

~Reddog on Skate.

"Pokemon cards are not art!"

~Skate on Sheezyart.

"I'm jewish. Oh, hey, are we talking about Skate? Well, I'm jewish."

~Yoshy-Ryu on Skate

"I actually had to have someone else recolor my sprite for me!"

~Skate on himself.


~Sheezyart on Skate.

"What the fuck guys, seriously."

~Skate on this article

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