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Ski Jumping

Some good questions for ski jumping announcers to answer:

Explain the Body weight/Height ratio relationship to the length of skis allowed for each ski jumper

What is the ideal body type for ski jumping?

Why is ski jumping so popular in Europe and not in the US?

How did ski jumping get started in the US?

What motivates each jumper to keep pursuing the sport? What do they love about it?

Why did FIS try to discourage International Competition and Olympic Competition for Women's Ski Jumping?

How far off of the ground do they get?

How fast are they going?

What are they sliding on (in summer)?

What are those suits made of?

How wide are the skis?

Why does the wind matter?

Who gives them the green light?

What is the purpose of the different starting positions on the inrun?

Why do different classes start at different gates?

What do the blue p and red k mean

Why do the jumping suits they wear not fit skin tight?

How long are the skis?

Why do they do the V with their skis?

Why are their skis so long?

What's the farthest anyone has ever ski jumped? (Current world record)

Explain the hill sizes and what those markings mean(K90, K120, etc).

What size hills are the Olympics held on? Are those the largest hills? (Explain difference between ski jumping and ski ski flying in the Olympics.)

Why is distance measured in metric instead of English in the U.S.?

Explain the ski jumpers score and why a jumper can win even if he didn't jump the farthest down the hill (distance + style points).

Is there a big difference between jumping on the summer surface versus real snow?

At what age do ski jumpers start this sport?

What's the best American jumpers (male and female) have done internationally (Olympics, World Cup, etc.).

Why are European and Scandinavian ski jumpers dominate in this sport?

How do ski jumpers train for this sport, on and off the hills?

How does someone get started in this sport?

Are the jumpers scared?

How did the sport originate?

What is the difference between alpine and jumping skis?

How much does all the equipment cost? Where does it come from?

What is the ideal height/weight of a ski jumper?

Is it really dangerous?

How often do they fall?

Do they start on the big hills?

How long does it take for most people to progress to a big hill?

How many olympic sized ski jumps are there in the United States? Where are they all?

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