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A Giant Slalom Course

Alpine Ski Racing

Alpine ski racing has a strong history around the world. It’s popularity has allowed for the creation of competition at all levels of ability and at all locals.

The most renowned league is the Federation Internationale De Ski, typically referred to as FIS. This professional league hosts the World Cup races where the world’s best compete for the World Cup title in individual events and for the overall title of World Cup champion.

In the United States alone there are numerous levels of sanctioned alpine skiing competition. The most competitive is USSA races where competitors of all ages compete individually.

There are also a number of collegiate leagues, with ski racing being a Division I NCAA sport at many colleges. There also exists another sanctioned collegiate league, USCSA, for Division II & III NCAA teams in addition to club ski racing teams.

Many high schools also have ski race teams as a winter sport option. There even exist ski racing academies for high school students who wish to focus more on the sport.

Many individual ski mountains throughout the United States have their own race teams that compete against other local ski resorts. These programs typically start at elementary school age and go through high school.

Skiing Events


Giant Slalom



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