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First, an introduction. Skins are the layout of the game, such as backgrounds, cursors, and lobby frames.


Well here are the basics. To start off you follow these steps: Open My Computer Open Local Disk (C:) Open Program Files Open Bots Open Data Open ui Inside the ui folder there are many different files that can be edited to change the look of the skin.


There is a file called ui_950. This is the cursor. To make a custom cursor just open it with a program such as paint or photoshop and use brushes or even just copy images from google. Further help on cursors just PM me. Login Screen Background This is where when you login, the background, the current one is a snowman. To find this file go into the data folder which is a step before the ui folder and open the folder called Ads. It will say adban_main. Edit it with paint or any other program capable of editing tga files. MainLobbyFrame This is the main area where you can chat, enter rooms, go to the shop, and many other things. It is found in the ui file in the data file which is in the bots folder. Again mess around with it if you like. The file is ui_200 TextChange This is where... Well... When you get a trans pack it has 2 words saying Trans Pack. This is where I'll teach you to edit those. Open Data, Ui, Then Text. The files in text are all the different words you get when you grab an item like hp or rebirth. KnownFileDatabase This is where the files are identified so you can find out exactly what they are. ui_950=CURSOR ui_200=LOBBY FRAME adban_main=Login Background ENJOY!

The one and only, Ramb

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