Each parody cast is not just the same, but most are like Skipper is Thomas, Fungy Frog is Percy and Skeeto is Toby. Here is a list. You are always welcome to add, please do not edit or delete, but if You are not allowed to add, thats fine with me, so please do not edit or delete.


Thomas - Skipper/Melvin Duck/Ruben Rabbit

Edward - Melvin Duck/Fungy Frog/Skeeto/Skipper

Henry - Homer (from The Simpsons)/Peter (from Family Guy)

Gordon - Owen Owl/Billy Twofeathers (from Shining Time Station)

James - Schemer (from Shining Time Station)/Skipper

Percy - Fungy Frog/SkeetoYoshi (from Mario)/Ruben Rabbit/Kyle (from South Park)

Toby - Skeeto/Ruben Rabbit

Duck - Ruben Rabbit/Kyle (from South Park)

Donald - Mario (from Mario)/Frank (from TUGS)/Eddie (from TUGS)

Douglas - Luigi (from Mario)/Eddie (from TUGS)/Frank (from TUGS)

Oliver - Bugs Bunny (from Bugs Bunny)

Diesel - Sea Rouge (from SL)/Mr. Burns (from The Simpsons)/Conrad Cat/Ricky Tricky

Bill -

Ben -

BoCo -

Daisy -

Emily -

Stepney -

Bertie -

Terence -

Trevor -

Skarloey -

Rheneas -

Sir Handel -

Peter Sam -

Rusty -

Duncan -

Duke -

Freddie -

Migthy Mac -

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