Skipper The Mole and Friends is a Skipper & Skeeto/Thomas parody series.


  • Skipper as Thomas
  • Melvin Duck as Edward
  • Fungy Frog as Henry
  • Owen Owl as Gordon
  • Schemer (from Shining Time Station) as James
  • Skeeto as Percy
  • Ruben Rabbit as Toby
  • Yoshi (from Mario) as Duck
  • Mario & Luigi (from Mario) as Donald & Douglas
  • Chris (from Family Guy) as Oliver
  • Conrad Cat as Diesel
  • Snips & Snails (from My Little Pony) as Bill & Ben
  • Homer (from The Simpsons) as BoCo
  • Grumpella (from The Little Engine That Could) as Daisy
  • Lizzie Bee as Mavis
  • Eric (from The Little Engine That Could) as Stepney
  • Stacy Jones (from Shining Time Station) as Emily
  • Bart (from The Simpsons) as Bertie
  • The Sea Captain (from The Simpsons) as Salty
  • Little Ditcher (from TUGS) as Harvey
  • Wario & Waluigi (from Mario) as Arry & Bert
  • Chip (from The Little Engine That Could) as Fergus
  • Big Bird (from Sesame Street) as Skarloey
  • Snuffy (from Sesame Street) as Rheneas
  • Cookie Monster (from Sesame Street) as Sir Handel
  • Telly Monster (from Sesame Street) as Peter Sam
  • Ernie (from Sesame Street) as Rusty
  • Bert (from Sesame Street) as Duncan
  • Gordon (from Sesame Street) as Duke
  • Count Von Count (from Sesame Street) as Freddie
  • The Two Headed Monster (from Sesame Street) as Mighty Mac
  • Arthur Read (from Arthur) as Arthur
  • Birdo (from Mario) as Lady
  • Ricky Tricky as Diesel 10
  • Burke & Blair (from TUGS) as Splatter & Dodge
  • Tower (from The Little Engine That Could) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Female Tower (a made up charecter from The Little Engine That Could) as Lady Hatt
  • Proncess Peach (from Mario) as The Refreshment Lady
  • Rollo the Clown (from The Little Engine That Could) as Terence
  • Chippers (from The Little Engine That Could) as Trevor
  • Toad (from Mario) as Toad
  • Perky (from The Little Engine That Could) as Derek
  • Bowser (from Mario) as Bulgy
  • Jill (from The Little Engine That Could) as Elizabeth
  • Mr. Burns (from The Simpsons) as George
  • Pete (from The Little Engine That Could) as Murdoch
  • George (from TTTE) as Spencer
  • Lisa (from The Simpsons) as Caroline
  • Big Mickey (from TUGS) as Cranky
  • The Big Wolf (from The Little Engine That Could) as Scruffey
  • The Dispatcher (from Theodore Tugboat) as Mr. Percival
  • Budgie (from Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Harold
  • Tillie (from The Little Engine That Could) as Rosie
  • Oscar (from Sesame Street) as Smudger
  • Sideshow Bob (from The Simpsons) as Bulstrode
  • Handy Pandy (from The Little Engine That Could) as Stanley
  • Zorran (from TUGS) as The Spiteful Breakvan
  • Diesel, Arry & Bert (from TTTE) as The Horrid Lorries
  • Farnsworth (from The Little Engine That Could) as D261
  • Thomas (from TTTE) as Whiff
  • Percy (from TTTE) as Scruff
  • Sleepy (from Snow White) as Dennis
  • Jay Jay (from Jay Jay the Jet Plane) as Jeremy
  • Molly Mouse as Molly
  • Billy Shoepack (from TUGS) as Billy
  • Georgia (from The Little Engine That Could) as Belle
  • Fire Tug (from TUGS) as Flynn
  • Dorothy (from Theodore Tugboat) as Old Slow Coach
  • Tex & Rex (from Shining Time Station) as Bash & Dash
  • Tito Swing (from Shining Time Station) as Ferdinand
  • Patty & Selma (from The Simpsons) as Annie & Clarabel
  • Mighty Moe (from TUGS) as Rocky
  • Missy (from The Little Engine That Could) as Henrietta
  • Stan Marsh (from South Park) as Jack
  • Kyle Brofloski (from South Park) as Alfie
  • Kenny Mc Corric (from South Park) as Ned
  • Chef (from South Park) as Byron
  • Randy Marsh (from South Park) as Nelson
  • Mr. Garrison (from South Park) as Oliver (pack)
  • Wendy Testaburger (from South Park) as Issobella
  • Satan (from South Park) as Max
  • Damien (from South Park) as Monty
  • Clyde (from South Park) as Buster
  • Craig (from South Park) as Kelly
  • Eric Cartman (from South Park) as Patrick
  • Captain Star (from SL) as Miss Jenny
  • Captain Star (from TUGS) as The Foreman
  • Kermit (from Muppets) as Proteus
  • Happy (from Snow White) as Hank
  • Clayton (from Theodore Tugboat) as Colin
  • Matt (from Shining Time Station) as Charlie
  • Tanya (from Shining Time Station) as Flora
  • Grumpy (from Snow White) as Hector
  • Luis (from Sesame Street) as Bertram
  • Bashful (from Snow White) as Neville
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Captain
  • Zebedee (from TUGS) as Den
  • Zak (from TUGS) as Dart
  • George (from Theodore Tugboat) as Norman
  • Theodore (from Theodore Tugboat) as Paxton
  • Hank (from Theodore Tugboat) as Sidney
  • Maria (from Sesame Street) as Madge
  • Scuttlebutt Pete (from TUGS) as Butch
  • Jebediah (from The Little Engine That Could) as Hiro
  • Doc (from Snow White) as Victor
  • Dopey (from Snow White) as Kevin
  • Sneezy (from Snow White) as Thumper
  • Baby Bear (from Sesame Street) as Luke
  • Jack (from TUGS) as Merrick
  • Owen (from Theodore Tugboat) as Owen
  • Brian (from Family Guy) as Winston
  • Fozzie Bear (from Muppets) as Stafford
  • Abe Simpson (from The Simpsons) as Stephen
  • Zoe (from Sesame Street) as Millie
  • Peter (from Family Guy) as Connor
  • Lois (from Family Guy) as Caitlin
  • Harry Cupper (from Shining Time Station) as Sir Robbert Norramby
  • Herbert (from Family Guy) as Old Bailey
  • Ned & Maude Flanders (from The Simpsons) as The Duke & Duchess of Boxford
  • Postman Pat (from Postman Pat) as Tom The Postman
  • Ted Glen (from Postman Pat) as Jem Cole
  • Alf Thompson from Postman Pat) as Farmer Mc Coll
  • Rewernd Timms (from Postman Pat) as The Vicar of Wellsowrth
  • Major Forbes (from Postman Pat) as The Admiral 
  • Bugs, Mice, Rats and The Honkers (from Sesame Street) as Troublesome Trucks
  • Rabbits as The Coaches


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7


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