The Skregg are the antagonistic technologically advanced and very brutal alien race in the Earth-Link series.


Nobody carries the war to me. I carry the war to them.
—Ga'Delr'Mahk, Leader of the Skregg

The Skregg view honor above all else the most sacred thing to their existence. Nothing else would matter to them more than their honor.

At one point, they found honor simply in working, going on with their daily lives, protecting the innocent and basically anything else a human of the Earth Empire would do. Picking up arms was virtually unheard of.

Do you remember the last time we trusted an alien race, my son?

Some 4000 years BEL (Before the discovery of the Earth-Link) the Skregg were viciously used and attacked by a psychokinetically and technologically advanced race. These aliens launched a mutagen in to the Skregg Homeworld's atmosphere, which dissolved Skregg flesh instantly and painfully, leaving only their muscle and bone structure left. The Skregg have since evolved their muscle structure quickly to act as their new "flesh," making them about ten times stronger and ten times tougher than the average human.

After this mutagen was launched into the atmosphere of their world, the Skregg became a virtually hostile race and soon only found honor in killing all agressors to their race. They quickly developed and crafted starships with primitive projectile weapons. The Skregg managed to drive back the currently unnamed alien race somehow, away from their homeworld, and soon they would be plunged into what the Skregg call the War of Eternity.

War of Eternity

The Skregg race was at the time politically controlled by the 3 wealthiest clans of the world at the time: The Mahk Clan, the Hurq Consortium, and the Hagn Alliance. Tensions between the 3 clans were very high, and soon after the assassination of the leader of the Mahk Clan by the Hagn Alliance, the whole planet was thrown into war.

I would not rest until I had Er'Qai'Hahn's heart on my To'Gah.
—Ga'Delr'Mahk tells the story of the War to his son

Ga'Delr'Mahk took over the Mahk Clan with the same iron fist his father had after his assassination. For a thousand years, none of the 3 sides would even consider an allince with each other. But then the the Hurq Consortium would soon form an alliance with the Mahk Clan, and Ga'Delr'Mahk would soon control two-thirds of the planet.

After 500 years of fighting, Ga'Delr'Mahk finally brutally murdered Er'Qui'Hagn, the leader of the Hagn Allaince at the time, and dropped his dead corpse from the highest tower in his castle, signifying his victory and declaring himself supreme leader of the Skregg.

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