(That night, Robin and Madian are walking out the front door. Marian is wearing a lavender shawl, and Robin now wearing his cuff links, is carrying a cane.)

  • Maid Marian/Mary: But, Robin, do think the children will be safe without Rita and Runt?
  • Robin Hood/George: (after locking the front door) Safe? Of course, they'll be safe. Why not?
  • Maid Marian/Mary: Well, Vixey said something about a shadow.
  • Robin Hood/George: Shadow? Whose shadow?
  • Maid Marian/Mary: Skunk Pan's.
  • Robin Hood/George: Oh, Skunk Pa--SKUNK PAN?! You don't say! Well, goodness gracious! Whatever shall we do?
  • Mad Marian/mary: But Robin...
  • Robin Hood/George: Sound the alarm! Call Scotland yard!
  • Maid Marian/Mary:There must've been someone.
  • Robin Hood/George: Oh, Marian, of all the childish fiddle-faddle! Skunk Pan, indeed! How can we expect the children to grow up and be practical?
  • Maid Marian/Mary: Robin...
  • Robin Hood/George: When you're as bad as they are? No wonder Vixey gets these idiotic ideas!

(Meanwhile A silhouette on a roof is hopping from one to another followed by a blue light. The silhouette sees Rita and Runt sleeping outside.)

(The blue light shines in the silhouette's face, revealing a 12-year-old skunk's smiling face. He has black and white fur, a big red nose, and brown eyes. He wears nothing but a green cap with a red feather in it.)

(With him is a squirrel that looks just like Scrat, but it female with red fur with white markings, a bushy tail, a black nose, and green eyes, plus a pair of clear, sparkling wings on her back. Her name is Scratte, and she is Skunk's squirrel fairy partner.)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Over there, Scratte In its den! Is it there?

(Scratte looks inside, but she shakes her head.)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: It must be here somewhere.

(Scratte opens a music box.)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Scratte! Shhh! (Scratte closes the music box) Stop playing! And help me find my shadow! Shadow! Oh, shadow!

(Scratte hears the shadow in the drawer)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Huh?

(Scratte points to the keyhole, telling him that his shadow is in the drawer, and the shadow flies out of the drawer, and Skunk chases it, shutting Scratte in the drawer. As Skunk continues to chase his shadow, they circle around the chandelier. Skunk hides behind a chair while the shadow sneaks away.)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Aha!

(The shadow tries to run, but Skunk grabs it in the nick of time; unfortunately, they crash ino a dresser, waking up Vixey)

  • Vixey/Wendy: Skunk Pan! Oh, Skunk! I knew you'd come back! I saved your shadow for you. Oh, I do hope it isn't rumpled. You know, you look exactly the way I thought you would. Oh, a little taller, perhaps, but then-- (she sees Skunk trying to stick his shadow with soap.) Oh ho ho! You can't stick it on with soap, Skunk. It needs sewing; that's the proper way to do it. (Meanwhile, Scratte tried to squeeze through the drawer's keyhole, but got stuck.) Although, come to think of it, I never thought about it before, um, sewing shadows, I mean. Of course, I knew it was your shadow the minute. So I said to myself, I said I'll put it away for him until he comes back. (Vixey walks toward the drawer with Scratte having trouble getting out of the keyhole, takes out the sewing kit, and shuts the drawer, sending Scratte flying backwards.) Oh, he's sure to come back. And you did, didn't you, Skunk? (Scratte isn't amused as she glows red with anger and jealousy.) After all, what can't leave his shadow lying about and not miss it sooner or later, don't you agree? But what I still don't understand is how Rita got it in the first place, they really aren't-- (she notices Skunk still floating above the floor.) Oh, sit down. It won't take long. (Skunk does so.) They really aren't vicious, you know, Rita's a wonderful nurse, and Runt's a wonderful butler and all! Although father says--
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Girls talk too much!
  • Vixey/Wendy: Yes, girls talk too mu-- (realizes that she is talking too much) Oh?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan Well, get on with it, girl.
  • Vixey/Wendy: Oh. My name is Vixey. Vixey Velvet Angela Darling...
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Vixey's enough.
  • Vixey/Wendy: Oh. But how did Rita and Runt get your shadow, Skunk?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Jumped at me the other night at the window.
  • Vixey/Wendy: But what were you doing there?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: I came to listen to your stories.
  • Vixey/Wendy: My stories? But they're all about you.
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Of course. That's why I like them. I tell them to The Lost Boys.
  • Vixey/Wendy: The Lost Boys? Oh, I remember now! They're your men.
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Uh-huh!
  • Vixey/Wendy: I'm so glad you came back tonight! I thought I' might have never seen you again.
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Why?
  • Vixey/Wendy: Becuase I have to grow up tomorrow.
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Grow up?!
  • Vixey/Wendy: Tonight's my last night in the nursery.
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: But that means no more stories.
  • Vixey/Wendy: (sniffles tearfully) Mm-hm.
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: No! I won't have it! (grabs Vixey by the hand) Come on!
  • Voxey/Wendy: B-b-but where are we going?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: To Neverland.
  • Voxey/Wendy: (dreamily) Neverland?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: You'll never grow up there.
  • Vixey/Wendy: Oh, Skunk! It would be simply lovely! (They stop at an open window.) But wait! What would mother say?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Mother? What's mother?
  • Vixey/Wendy: Why, Skunk, a mother is someone who loves you and cares for you and tells you stories--
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Good! You can be our mother. Come on, Vixey.
  • Vixey/Wendy: Now wait a minute. Let me see now; I would have to pack and leave a note whether I'll be back and-- Oh, Skunk! Neverland! I'm so happy I-I think I'll give you a kiss!

(After hearing that, Scratte grows jealous and gasps in shock.)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: What's a-a kiss?
  • Vixey/Wendy: Oh, well, I'll show you.

(She leans forward to kiss him, and Skunk backs away, creeped out. But Scratte pulls her tail.)

  • Vixey/Wendy: Oh!
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Stop! Stop it, Scratte!

(He chases Scratte around the nursery, attempting to catch her in his hat, but he jumps on Tod's bed, waking him up.)

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