• Tod (Young)/Michael: Tails! Tails, wake up! he's here!
  • Tails/John: (wakes up) Huh? (rubs his eyes and gasps) Jiminy!
  • Vixey/Wendy: Ooh! What in the world was that?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Scratte. Don't know what got into her.
  • Tod (Young)/Michael: Hello, Skunk Pan. I'm Tod.
  • Tails/John: My name is Miles Prower. But you can call me "Tails." How do you do?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Hello.
  • Tod (Young)/Michael: (looks in Skunk's hat) Ooh! A firefly!
  • Vixey/Wendy: A girl squirrel!
  • Tails/John: Amazing!

(Scratte is in a very sulky mood)

  • Tod (Young)/Michael: What's the pixie doing?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Talking.
  • Vixey/Wendy: What did she say?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: She says you're a big, ugly girl! (he and Vixey both laugh)
  • Vixey/Wendy: Oh. Well, I think she's lovely!
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: (putting his hat back on) Well, come on.
  • Tod (Young)/Michael: Where are we going?
  • Vixey/Wendy: To Neverland.
  • Tod(Young)/Michael: Neverland?
  • Vixey/Wendy: Skunk's taking us.
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: "Us?"
  • Vixey/Wendy: Of course, I can't go without Tails and Tod.
  • Tails/John: (pretending to do a sword dance) Oh, I would like to cross swords with some real buccaneers!
  • Tod (Young)/Michael: Yeah! And fight pirates, too. (He does a little spin in mid-air, but falls on his rear end.)
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: (chuckles) Well, all right. But you gotta take orders!
  • Tails/John: (salutes) Aye-aye, sir!
  • Tod (Young)/Michael: (also salutes) Me too.

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