• Vixey/Wendy: But Skunk, how do we get to Neverland?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Fly, of course!
  • Vixey/Wendy: Fly?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: It's Easy! All you have to do is to... is to... is to... ah! That's funny!
  • Vixey/Wendy: What's the matter? Don't you know?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Oh sure, it's.. It's just that I never thought about it before. Say, that's it! You think of a wonderful thought!
  • Vixey/Wendy and Tails/John: Any happy little thought?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Uh-Huh!
  • Vixey/Wendy: Like toys at Christmas,
  • Tails/John: Sleighbells? Snow?
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Yep! Watch me now! Here I go!

(Skunk flies around the room)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: It's easier than pie!
  • Vixey/Wendy: He can fly!
  • Tails/John: He can fly!
  • Tod (Young)/Michael: He flew!
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Now you try!
  • Vixey/Wendy: I'll think of mermaid lagoon. (sighs) Underneath the magical moon.
  • Tails/John: I'll think I'm in a pirate's cave!
  • Tod (Young)/Michael: I'll think I'm a Chinese brave!
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Now everybody try!

(Skunk takes Vixey's and Tails' hands while Vixey and Tails takes Tod's hands, and all three were ready to fly)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan, Vixey/Wendy, Tails/John, and Tod (Young)/Michael: One... two... three!
  • Vixey/Wendy, Tails/John and Tod (Young)/Michael: We can fly! We can fly! We can fly!

(The siblings suddenly fall on a bed, and Scratte laughs at it)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: This won't do. What's the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust.. Oh! And something i forgot; dust!
  • Vixey/Wendy and Tails/John: Dust?
  • Tod (Young)/Michael:Dust?

(As soon as Scratte heard it, she tries to fly away, but Skunk grabs her)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Yep! Just a little bit of pixie dust.

(And he pats Scratte on the back, letting pixie dust fall on the children as Vixey smiles. Tod covers his head while Tails looks at it in awe.)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Now, think of the happiest things! It's the same as having wings!
  • Vixey/Wendy: Let's all try it just once more!
  • Tails/John: Look! We're rising off the floor!
  • Tod (Young)/Michael: Jiminy!
  • Vixey/Wendy: Oh my! We can fly!
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: You can fly!
  • Vixey/Wendy, Tails/John, and Tod (Young)/Michael: We can fly!
  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Come on everybody! Here we go!

(Rita and Runt wake up)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: Off to Neverland!

(As soon as Rita and Runt saw the three kids fly out of the window, the two pets were surprised)

  • Chorus: Think of the Wonderful thoughts!
    Any Merry little thoughts

(Tod flies out with Boo Boo, and Scratte stands by the open window, looking jealous.)

  • Male Chorus: Think of Christmas
    Think of snow
    Think of sleigh bells
    Off you go
    Like reindeer in the sky!
    You can fly!
    You can fly!
    You can fly
  • Female Chorus: Think of the happiest things
    It's the same as having wings
  • Male Chorus: Take the path that moonbean make
  • Female Chorus: If the moon is still awake
  • Chorus: You'll see it wink its eye!
    You can fly!
    You can fly!
    You can fly

male chorus: Up you go with a heigh and ho to the stars beyond the blue

chorus: There's a Neverland waiting for you weere all your happy dreams come true Every dream that you dream wil come true

(Seeing Rita and Runt, Tod spotted Scratte grabbed her, and sprinkled her on Rita and Runt, but beause of the ropes, they couldn't come with them)

  • Tod (Young)/Michael: Come on, Rita and Runt!

(Rita and Rurnt waves goodbye to the kids)

male chorus: When there's a smile in your heart, there's no better time to start Think of all the joy you find

female chorus: When you leave the world behind

chorus: and bid your cares goodbye You can fly you can fly you can fly you can fly you can fly

(They soon landed on the Big Ben)

  • Skunk/Peter Pan: There it is, Vixey! Second Star to the right and straight on till morn!

(the four kids takes each others and and flies to the second star)

chorus: When there's a smile in your heart there's no better time to start think of all the joy you find when you leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye you can fly you can fly you can fly you can fly YOU CAN FLY!

(Skunk, Vixey, Tails and Tod fly to the second star to the right)

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