Skycities are a form of building made in Tokyo, Japan. There are 25 buildings like that in the world. 15 in North America, 5 in Europe and 5 in Asia. This is the second residential project from the 21st centuary that went world wide, the second being the Mega-City Pyramid. The first 14 plateus of the building is called Green Space. Thats because the green space is filled with Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Grass. Although Green Space is protected from the elements with a glass external "skin," some internal spaces would pull in outside air to give a sence of the four seasons. Underneath the green space in each buildings are apartments that go all around. There are elevators that can travel to any part of the buildings. To get from one part of the building to another they use the monorails to get to each of the buildings. Near the bottom of the building is a stadium for sporting events.



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