Skye Sharpe
[[Image:{{{image}}}|300px| ]]
Age: Season 1-14. Season 2-15
Race: Half elf vampire.
First appearance: 'The vampire who turned Werepyre' Part 1.
Trivia: He detests anything gloomy, except Crystal's gloominess. Has a small beard on his chin.


A stuck up vampire, he thinks he is the greatest thing to walk on Lore. He has long blue hair and blue eyes. He's growing a small beard, so that nobody can confuse him for a girl. Skye claims he hates gloominess, but he means the kind which the person is always unhappy. Crystal's gloominess is nothing like that, so he doesn't hate it.

Although he fancies he is great, he will help his friends if the situation is extremely dire. He is characterized by a constant liking for making rude remarks, especially about Shadow Storm in 'A giant Saskay.'

When he was 21, Skye fell ill with smallpox. He spent a year in recovering, and during this time, fancied he saw Nethara again. This is the basis for TYA Gaiden. After he recovered, he seemed fine, save for the fact he kept encouraging Crystal Lion to continue her relationship with Pat. He later went to Gielinor as one of the diplomats of Lore.

After the diplomats successfully completed their mission, Skye mourned Nethara after Crystal and Pat were married. He eventually killed himself. Skye rose up from the grave some months after his death and started committing murders so that Pat would be sent to kill him. Patrick foolishly refused Emily's help, and was murdered by Skye. This caused Crystal to hunt Skye down for twelve years after leaving her cub in her half-sister's care.

Eventually, the former friends faced each other. Hudzon Hawk tried to stop the two from fighting, but it was too late. Skye murdered Crystal, then fell into a river of lava. He managed to make his friends suffer the loss of their loved ones, Crystal suffered the loss of Pat, and Hudzon suffered the loss of two dear friends.

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