• Spyro as Phineas
  • Gill Grunt as Ferb
  • Cynder as Isabella
  • Terrafin as Baljieet
  • Eruptor as Buford
  • Trigger Happy as Perry
  • Stealth Elf as Candace
  • Flameslinger as Jeremy
  • Flynn as Lawerance
  • Cali as Linda
  • Hex as Stacey
  • Double Trouble as Major Monogram
  • Voodood as Carl
  • Kaos as Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Pop Fizz as Irving
  • Jet-Vac as Albert
  • Conquertron as Norm
  • Ninjini as Gretchen
  • Whirlwind as Milly
  • Sprocket as Katie
  • Chill as Holly
  • Sonic Boom as Adyson
  • Flashwing as Ginger
  • Hot Dog as Pinky
  • Hektore as the drill Seargeant (Drill Seargeant from Skylanders can't be him because drill Seargeant from Phineas and Ferb is evil

and Drill Seargeant from Skylanders is good)

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