Sladen Dead (portrayed by David Jacobs) was a fictional character and Shock Troll, originally created in the image of a musician. Sladen was never a celebrity, but did receive a small amount of fame online due to his gimmick "Sladen Dead". The Sladen Dead gimmick was a character portrayed as a psychotic serial killer wearing heavy makeup similar to The Crow or Marilyn Manson. David created the character in an attempt to shock the public with morbid lyrics and generally unpleasant wording in his songs. David also used to portray the character on forums and blogs to lure people into silly arguments just for entertainment purposes. He originally designed the character as a movie villain.

David is actually classically trained as a musician with a hatred for rap music, claiming "rap is just a lot of stupid people saying violent things for no reason" and decided to create a persona to "mock" this genre. That persona would be Sladen Dead.

Sladen Dead's entire personality was built from the ground up, starting out with a fictional human character (which has gone by many different names, such as Steven Bently or Jason Michaels) who would become "Sladen Dead" when in makeup. The character was originally designed for a small horror movie created by David which was called "Slayed and Dead" and featured the slogan "They just can't stop killing him" before being converted into a rap gimmick.

In 2010, David retired the Sladen Dead character and began to focus on his true passion for low budget horror movie shorts which he continues to write today. He is currently working on filming his first short, entitled "My Sister Is Possessed by Lucifer" which much like Sladen Dead, is a non-profit project made just for fun and the enjoyment of others.

Shockingly, there are still people that believe that Sladen Dead was a serious character, but to the few fans he had that realize now he isn't, there is much disappointment.

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