CAST Aurora- Eilonwy (Believe me; Eilonwy deserves some recognition! She's a Disney princess too, *** it!) Prince Philip- Taran Flora- Cinderella Fauna- Snow White Merryweather- Aurora (A little ironic that the star of Sleeping Beauty is in this version, except in another role, huh? ) King Stefan- Mickey Mouse the Queen- Minnie Mouse King Hubert- Prince John Woodland creatures- Various Disney animal characters Samson- Phillipe (Belle's horse) Maleficent- Maleficent (stays the same) (Now, come on! How do you expect me to top someone as evil as the mistress of evil herself? XD) Diablo- Creeper and Diablo Maleficent's goons- Uhh....... stay the same? Extras- Gurgi, The Sheriff of Nottingham and Brandy Harrington (with Taran), Celestia (my OC, with Eilonwy) and Belle, Jasmine and Pocahontas (with Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora)

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