Sleeping Beauty (MisterCartoonMovie Edizioni VHS Pirata Style) is Mistercartoonmovie's movie-spoof of "Sleeping Beauty".


  • Marie (The Aristocats) as Princess Aurora/Briar Rose
  • Oliver (Oliver and Company) as Prince Philip
  • Jenna (Balto) as Flora
  • Rita (Oliver and Company) as Fauna
  • Lady (Lady and the Tramp) as Merryweather
  • Vitani (The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride) as Maleficent
  • Danny (Cats Don't Dance) as King Stefan
  • Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance) as Queen Leah
  • Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse) as King Hubert
  • Young Copper (The Fox and the Hound) as Lackey
  • Young Bambi (Bambi) as Samson
  • Captain Falcon (Valiant) as Diablo the Raven
  • The Red Death (How to train your dragon) as Dragon Maleficent

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