Flounder's movie Spoof of "Sleeping Beauty"


  • Princess Aurora - Marie (The Aristocats)
  • Prince Phillip - Flounder (The Little Mermaid)
  • Maleficent - Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)
  • King Stefan - Mufasa (The Lion King)
  • Queen Leah - Duchess (The Aristocats)
  • King Hubert - Colonel Hathi (The Jungle Book)
  • Flora - Lady (Lady and the Tramp)
  • Fauna - Mrs. Brisby (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Merryweather - Miss Bianca (The Rescuers)
  • Announcer - Pingu (Pingu)
  • Lackey - Young Bambi (Bambi)
  • Samson  - Casey Junior (Dumbo)
  • Various Townspeople and Villagers - Various Animals (The Lion King)
  • The Forest Animals - Various Animals
  • The Goons - The Hyenas, The Wildebeests, Pingg, and Pingo (The Lion King, Pingu)
  • Dragon Maleficent - Scar (The Lion King)
  • Diablo the Crow - Iago (Aladdin)

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