Sleepy to the Rescue and Other Pongo Stories is a Disney/Thomas parody of the Thomas and Friends US video, Rusty to the Rescue and Other Thomas Stories. It features six fourth season episodes of Pongo the Dalmatian and Friends narrated by George Carlin, and one song.


  • Pongo (from 101 Dalmations) as Thomas
  • Hercules (from Hercules) as Edward
  • Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Henry
  • Sir Ector (from The Sword in the Stone) as Gordon
  • Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse) as James
  • Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) as Percy
  • Friar Tuck (from Robin Hood) as Toby
  • Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) as Duck
  • Raccoon Twin #2 (from Peter Pan) asDouglas
  • Robin Hood (from Robin Hood) as Stepney
  • Doc (from Snow White) as Duke
  • Grumpy (from Snow White) as Sir Handel/Falcon
  • Happy (from Snow White) as Peter Sam/Stuart
  • Sleepy (from Snow White) as Rusty
  • Kaa (from The Jungle Book) as Smudger
  • Owl (from Winnie the Pooh) as Harold
  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Pacha (from The Emperor's New Groove) as The Portly Man
  • Paul (from Pete's Dragon) as The Important Passenger
  • Mermaids (from Peter Pan) as The Narrow Gauge Coaches
  • The Monkeys (from The Jungle Book) as The Narrow Gauge Trucks
  • Bashful (from Snow White) as Skarloey (does not speak)
  • Sneezy (from Snow White) as Rheneas (does not speak)
  • Professor Porter (from Tarzan) as The Mid-Sodor Railway Manager (does not speak)
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Diesel (cameo)
  • Cruella DeVil (from 101 Dalmatians) as Daisy (cameo)
  • Mufasa (from The Lion King) as BoCo (cameo)
  • Anna (from Frozen) as Mavis (cameo)
  • Edgar (from The Aristocats) as D261 (cameo)
  • Abigail (from The Aristocats) as Annie (cameo)
  • Amelia (from The Aristocats) as Clarabel (cameo)
  • Tod (from The Fox and the Hound) as Bertie (cameo)
  • Michael Banks (from Mary Poppins) as Stephen Hatt (cameo)
  • George Banks (from Mary Poppins) as Jeremiah Jobling (cameo)
  • Grimsby (from The Little Mermaid) as The Vicar of Wellsworth (cameo)
  • Alan-a-Dale (from Robin Hood) as Jem Cole (cameo)
  • Captain B. McCrea (from WALL-E) as Farmer Trotter (cameo)
  • Peter Pan (from Peter Pan) as Oliver (mentioned)
  • Merlin (from The Sword in the Stone) as Sir Robert Norramby (indirectly mentioned)
  • Everyone Else as Themselves


  1. Grandwarf
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. A Bad Day for Grumpy
  4. Sleepy Helps Happy
  5. Sleepy to the Rescue
  6. Pongo and Robin Hood


  • Gone Fishing



Narrator: "One winter's night, when the cold wind blew, the Disney Characters found it hard to sleep."

Friar Tuck: "What we need..."

Narrator: "Suggested Friar Tuck,"

Friar Tuck: "Is to listen to a story."

Piglet: "Yes."

Narrator: "Said Piglet."

Piglet: "A mysterious story."

Jiminy Cricket: "But,"

Narrator: "Added Jiminy,"

Jiminy Cricket: "It must have a happy ending."

Pongo: "Driver told me a story,"

Narrator: "Said Pongo. So everyone listened."

Pongo: "Once upon a time,"

Narrator: "Began Pongo."

Pongo: "There were three little dwarfs, who lived in their own little house on their own little land. Their names were Doc, Happy and Grumpy. Doc was the oldest, and was named after his grace, the Doc of Disneyland. He was proud of this, and loved to keep the younger dwarfs in order.

Whenever they did anything that Doc thought wrong, he would say,"

Doc: "That would never suit his grace."

Pongo: "Other dwarfs came and went, but Doc outlasted them all.

Happy and Grumpy used to call him 'Grandwarf.' They were fond of him, but they got very tired of hearing all about 'his grace'.

Sometimes they would tease him and chant,"

Grumpy and Happy: "Dwarfs come and dwarfs go, Grandwarf goes on forever."

Doc: "You impertinent scallywags!"

Pongo: "Doc would say."

Doc: "Whatever are you dwarfs coming to?"

Happy: "Never mind, Grandwarf. We're only young once."

Doc: "Well, you better mind. Unless you want to end up like Kaa."

Grumpy: "Oh, Grandwarf? What ever happened?"

Doc: "Kaa,"

Pongo: "Said Doc,"

Doc: "Was a show-off!

He rode roughly and often came off of the road.

I warned him to be careful, but he took no notice."

Kaa: "Listen, Docy,"

Doc: "He snarled."

Kaa: "Who worries about a few spills?"

Doc: "'We do here,' I said, but Kaa just laughed."

Kaa: "He he he he he!"

Doc: "Until one day, Professor Porter said he was going to make him useful at last. Kaa stopped laughing then."

Happy: "Well, why? W-w-what did he do?"

Doc: "He turned him into a generator. He's still out there behind our house. He'll never move again."

Pongo: "After that, Happy and Grumpy became really useful dwarfs, and all three were happy together for many years.

Then, hard times came. The companies near the hills closed, and the land was closed, too. People came to buy the dwarfs."

Passengers: "We'll take Happy and Grumpy."

Pongo: "No one wanted Doc. They thought him 'Too old'."

Happy: "Cheer up, Grandwarf."

Pongo: "Called Happy."

Happy: "We'll find you some nice land, and then you can come and keep us in order."

Pongo: "They tried to be brave and cheerful, but no one really thought their dreams would come true.

Doc's driver and fireman polished and greased him one last time. They sheeted him snugly, and said good-bye. Then they had to go away and find work. Doc was alone."

Doc: "Oh, well."

Pongo: "He sighed."

Doc: "I'll go to sleep. It'll help to pass the time."

Pongo: "Winter torrents washed soil from the hills. Trees and bushes grew all around. You wouldn't have known a house was there, let alone a dwarf asleep inside."

Piglet: "That's not a happy ending!"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Piglet."

Pongo: "Ah,"

Narrator: "Murmured Pongo."

Pongo: "There will be one, but that will have to wait until next time."

Sleeping Beauty

Narrator: "It was a beautiful moonlit night in Disneyland. The day's work was done and the Disney Characters puffed safely home."

Piglet: "Pongo,"

Narrator: "Whispered Piglet."

Piglet: "Will you tell us the end of the story?"

Pongo: "You mean the one about Doc the Lost Dwarf?"

Baloo: "Exactly."

Narrator: "Said Baloo."

Donald Duck: "But please remind us of the story so far."

Narrator: "So Pongo began and here is the rest of the story he told."

Pongo: "Doc was old and lived with two young dwarfs called Happy and Grumpy. They teased Doc and called him 'Grandwarf', but they were happy together.

Then, their land was closed down and the young dwarfs went away. Doc was left alone in the house. He went to sleep and everything around him changed. But Doc was never forgotten.

Years went by until one day not long ago, visitors came to see Mickey Mouse."

Visitors: "We want to find Doc."

Pongo: "They said."

Visitors: "And make him happy again."

Pongo: "Maps lay everywhere."

Pacha: "If we follow the old road shown here on the map."

Pongo: "They said."

Pacha: "We'll travel north of the village and then into the mountains. And look. There's the sign for the old station. If Doc's anywhere, he's there."

Pongo: "Everyone set off to the mountains far away.

The days went by, the search grew harder, but the rescuers wouldn't give up."

Rescuers: "Let's go this way."

Pongo: "They said.

But there was still no sign of Doc."

Rescuers: "He's here somewhere."

Pongo: "They said. They scrambled over hills, struggled over ditches.

At last their search ended, quite by accident."


Pacha: "We found him! We found our sleeping beauty."

Doc: "Excuse me?"

Pongo: "Enquired Doc."

Doc: "Are you a vandal? Driver told me vandals break and smash things."

Rescuers: "Bless you, no."

Pongo: "Laughed the rescuers."

Pacha: "We dropped in because we couldn't find your door. Grumpy and Happy will be pleased to see you."

Doc: "So they did remember."

Pongo: "Sighed Doc happily.

Then they all set off for Doc's new home.

Happy and Grumpy were ready for a big welcome."

Grumpy and Happy: "He's here."

Pongo: "They whispered."

Grumpy and Happy: "Sh! Sh!"

Doc: "You woke me up!"

Pongo: "Grumbled Doc."

Doc: "In my young days, dwarfs were..."

Happy: "Seen and not heard, Grandwarf, we know."

Grumpy: "We're all be back at work tomorrow. We're glad you've come back. We can keep you in order now."

Doc: "Keep me in order? Be off with you! Impertinent scallywags!"

Pongo: "But Doc's old eyes twinkled, and for the first time in years, he smiled as he dozed in the sun.

And that,"

Narrator: "Said Pongo."

Pongo: "Is the whole story. Did you like it?"

Other Disney Characters: "Yes indeed."

Narrator: "Agreed the Disney characters."

Other Disney Characters: "Especially the happy ending."

Narrator: "And soon, they were all asleep too."

A Bad Day for Grumpy

Narrator: "Bashful and Sneezy work on the land that weaves around lakes, and mountain sides. Their mermaids have many visitors, and the dwarfs are proud to run the path, come rain or shine.

The dwarfs will never let their passengers down, but they are old and they tire more easily.

Their drivers understood this, and they spoke kindly to them."

Bashful and Sneezy's Drivers: "There's more than enough work for both of you on this land. The manager is sending two more dwarfs to help us run the path."

Narrator: "Bashful and Sneezy were pleased with this news, and promised to give the new dwarfs a big welcome.

When Grumpy and Happy arrived, they found that they had much to learn."

Grumpy: "What a small cottage."

Narrator: "Grunted Grumpy."

Grumpy: "This won't do at all. We're much too good for this old shack."

Happy: "I think it's nice."

Narrator: "Said Happy."

Grumpy: "Humph."

Narrator: "Replied Grumpy."

Grumpy: "What's that rubbish?"

Happy: "Shhh."

Narrator: "Said Happy."

Happy: "That's Bashful. He's famous."

Narrator: "And then he whispered to Bashful."

Happy: "I'm sorry, Bashful. Grumpy's upset now, but he's quite nice, really."

Narrator: "Bashful felt sorry for Happy."

Grumpy's Fireman: "Now, Grumpy,"

Narrator: "Said the fireman,"

Grumpy's Fireman: "I will get you ready for work."

Grumpy: "I'm tired! Let Happy go; he'd love it!"

Grumpy's Fireman: "No, you're first!"

Narrator: "Grumpy puffed away to fetch his mermaids. He didn't like the look of them at all."

Grumpy: "What ever next? Those aren't mermaids, they're fishes!"

Mermaids: "Oh!"

Narrator: "Screamed the mermaids."

Mermaids: "What a horrid dwarf!"

Grumpy: "It's not what I'm used to."

Narrator: "Clanked Grumpy.

He rolled to the platform just as Sir Ector arrived."

Grumpy: "Hello, who are you?"

Sir Ector: "I'm Sir Ector. Who are you?"

Grumpy: "I'm Grumpy. I've heard of you. You're an express man. So am I, but I'm used to new mermaids, not these fishes! Do you have new flowers? I see you do."

Sir Ector: "We must have a chat."

Grumpy: "Sorry, I can't stop. Must keep time, you know."

Narrator: "Sir Ector was speechless!

Clouds of steam filled the air as Grumpy huffed and puffed along the path.

He was still cross when they reached the top station. Grumpy was hoping for a rest, but his driver thought otherwise."

Grumpy's Driver: "We'll leave the mermaids now, and fetch some monkeys from the quarry."

Grumpy: "Monkeys?"

Narrator: "Snorted Grumpy."

Grumpy: "Monkeys? I won't, so there!"

Narrator: "Grumpy was about to cause a great deal of trouble."

Grumpy: "Told you."

Narrator: "Said Grumpy.

By the time workmen came to rescue him, Grumpy was feeling rather silly. To make matters worse, there stood Mickey Mouse. His message to Grumpy was brief and blunt."

Mickey Mouse: "I shall talk to you later!"

Narrator: "Then he and the fireman left with Happy. Grumpy felt sillier still."

Grumpy's Driver: "Come on,"

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Grumpy's Driver: "Let's get you back on the path."

Narrator: "When Grumpy crawled home, he found Mickey Mouse waiting for him."

Mickey Mouse: "You're a very naughty dwarf!

I hope I can trust you to behave when you next come out of this cottage."

Narrator: "After hearing that, I'm sure Grumpy will. Aren't you?"

Sleepy Helps Happy

Narrator: "Everyday, where the dwarfs work, the crisp air is suddenly filled with a familiar noise. The lakes and mountains have many visitors, and Owl flies the sky making sure no one is in trouble."

Owl: "All present and correct. Time to return to home."

Narrator: "Then Owl noticed something. A sleepy dwarf was coming round the mountain.

Owl flew lower for a closer inspection."

Owl: "I'm Owl. Who are you?"

Sleepy: "I'm Sleepy."

Narrator: "Replied the dwarf."

Owl: "Don't recall seeing you before. What brings you this way?"

Sleepy: "Mickey Mouse sent me to help the other dwarfs."

Narrator: "Huffed Sleepy. This was no time for a chat with an owl."

Owl: "Well done! Cheers! And keep up the good work."

Sleepy: "Cheeky feathers!"

Narrator: "Muttered Sleepy."

Sleepy's Driver: "Not long now."

Narrator: "Encouraged the driver."

Sleepy's Driver: "We'll soon be at the top station."

Narrator: "Happy and Grumpy were glad to see Sleepy. Even so, Grumpy wouldn't stop grumbling. The monkeys didn't like Grumpy and wanted to play tricks on him."

Sir Ector: "No one understands our feelings."

Narrator: "Sympathized Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "Now if you were ill, you couldn't arrange monkeys, could you?"

Grumpy: "Good idea!"

Narrator: "Replied Grumpy."

Grumpy: "I'll try it."

Narrator: "He did so next morning."

Grumpy: "I don't feel well."

Narrator: "He groaned. There wasn't time to examine him, so some of his monkeys were lined up behind Happy's mermaids.

Sleepy promised to follow with the rest.

Happy didn't mind the extra work. He left his mermaids at the station, and trundled cheerfully on.

Soon, they reached the quarry where the monkeys were needed.

Empty monkeys at the bottom of a slope are hitched to a steel cable. Loaded ones at the top are hitched to another. By their weight, loaded monkeys run down the steep slope pulling the empty ones up.

Happy duly waited at the bottom of the slope for the loaded monkeys. He never bumped monkeys, unless they missed behaved.

But the loaded monkeys couldn't see him properly. They thought he was Grumpy. Their chance for trickery had come.

Loaded Monkeys: "Faster, faster!"

Narrator: "They yelled."

Empty Monkeys: "No, no!"

Narrator: "Wailed the empty monkeys."

Empty Monkeys: "It's Happy!"

Narrator: "But it was no use!"

Loaded Monkeys: "Hurrah, hurrah!"

Narrator: "Roared the monkeys. Happy shut his eyes."


Happy: "Peep, peep!"

Narrator: "Wailed Happy. Sleepy was working nearby, and came to help clear up the mess."

Sleepy: "Bust my hands!"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Sleepy."

Sleepy: "Never mind, Happy. We'll get you out."

Narrator: "Happy felt battered. His hat was ripped and his stomach dented."

Happy: "Thank you, Sleepy."

Narrator: "He sighed, and limped slowly home."

Grumpy: "I'm sorry about your accident."

Narrator: "Said Grumpy."

Grumpy: "I always stand well back. Monkeys don't like me."

Happy: "Why didn't you warn me?"

Grumpy: "I didn't think."

Mickey Mouse: "You never do! You can start thinking now while you're doing Happy's work, as well as your own! That'll teach you to pretend you were ill."

Narrator: "Grumpy did start thinking about Sir Ector.

When the wreckage was cleared away, Sleepy set off along the path."

Owl: "Splendid to see you again."

Narrator: "Whizzed Owl."

Owl: "I'm completing my evening look about."

Sleepy: "Well done! Cheers! And keep up the good work."

Narrator: "And the sleepy dwarf walked back home."

Sleepy to the Rescue

Narrator: "In Springtime, Sleepy loves to visit a faraway place. It's filled with bluebells. The air smells sweet and Sleepy thinks there's no better place to be.

One day, Pongo was passing by just as Sleepy was having a drink."

Pongo: "Ruff, ruff! Good morning. Your driver looks as little worried. I wonder why."

Sleepy: "I don't know."

Narrator: "Said Sleepy."

Sleepy: "But I soon will.

Excuse me,"

Narrator: "Said Sleepy."

Sleepy: "But is there something wrong?"

Sleepy's Driver: "Yes indeed."

Narrator: "Replied the driver."

Sleepy's Driver: "They need another Disney Character to help run this special path."

Sleepy: "A fox."

Narrator: "Laughed Sleepy."

Sleepy: "Maybe I can find one."

Narrator: "Later, Sleepy saw Raccoon Twin #2 and Piglet. Sleepy had an idea."

Sleepy: "Can you help me find another Disney Character?"

Raccoon Twin #2: "Where?"

Sleepy: "Where you found Peter Pan."

Raccoon Twin #2: "You mean on the other land?"

Sleepy: "Yes. I'm looking for a fox."

Narrator: "And Sleepy explained everything."

Raccoon Twin #2: "I'd like to help, but these days it's only villains that go there."

Narrator: "Then Sleepy decided."

Sleepy: "So that's where I'll go."

Raccoon Twin #2: "Take care."

Narrator: "Sleepy told the driver all about the plan. And that night, he came back to the shed."

Sleepy's Driver: "The manager says he'll make a home for a fox if you find one."

Sleepy: "Right."

Narrator: "Said Sleepy."

Sleepy: "We'll find one tomorrow."

Narrator: "It took them all of the next day to travel to the other land.

Darkness fell and the cold wind blew."

Sleepy: "Oh, what's that?"

Narrator: "But it was only the sounds of the lonely scrapyard. Villains silent and still lined up on guard."

Villains: "Who are you?"

Narrator: "Sleepy plucked up courage."

Sleepy: "I'm a sheds and sidings inspection dwarf. Have you any Disney Characters in the sheds?"

Villains: "No. None."

Narrator: "Sleepy rallied again."

Sleepy: "Then what the sidings?"

Villains: "One. We have one."

Narrator: "Sleepy grew braver still."

Sleepy: "Then I'll just go an inspect."

Narrator: "A fox with a green outfit stood sad and alone in the shadowy sidings. His driver was next to him keeping him company."

Sleepy: "Excuse me?"

Narrator: "Said Sleepy."

Sleepy: "Do you like bluebells?"

Narrator: "The fox looked startled."

Robin Hood: "Yes. Bluebells are beautiful."

Sleepy: "Then you're soon going to see lots of them because I'm getting you out of here."

Narrator: "Everyone worked fast. It was difficult to get his body warmed up, but soon it was warm and Robin Hood had plenty of energy. Sleepy's engineer agreed to be Robin Hood's fireman.

So fall they set, past the bleak and booming lines villains."

Villains: "Where is he going?"

Narrator: "They hissed."

Sleepy: "Just down the path."

Narrator: "Replied Sleepy. And the chuffered quickly away."

Sleepy: "We've done it! We're over the border and back on our own land. Mission accomplished."

Narrator: "When Sleepy and the fox arrived back in the valley, a big welcome awaited them."

Manager: "We shall mend you and give you new clothes."

Narrator: "Said the manager. His driver was delighted."

Robin Hood's Driver: "You lucky old fox. You've been saved by the Bluebell Land."

Robin Hood: "And my friend, Sleepy. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Sleepy."

Narrator: "Now the fox is as happy as can be and helps the passengers and visit at bluebell time. His name is Robin Hood, but everyone calls him the Bluebell Fox."

Pongo and Robin Hood

Narrator: "Pongo the Dalmatian was feeling very happy. His black spots shone in the sun, he was right on time, and all around his route the countryside seemed prettier than ever before."

Pongo: "Ruff, ruff! Good morning, Piglet."

Narrator: "He barked."

Pongo: "My route is the pride of Disneyland. Wouldn't you agree?"

Piglet: "Uh, yes Pongo, of course, But uh,"

Pongo: "But what Piglet? Out with it!"

Piglet: "Well, there is another Disney Character with a famous route too?"

Pongo: "Who? Where?"

Piglet: "His name is Robin Hood. He's faraway, but Mickey Mouse says he might visit us."

Pongo: "When?"

Piglet: "Oh, someday."

Narrator: "And Piglet hurried away.

Meanwhile Robin Hood was walking steadily along his route. It isn't very long, and that made him feel a little sad. Later he saw Sleepy, the dwarf who had helped saved Robin Hood from death."

Robin Hood: "Everyone's been so kind. But my route is so short and I do miss a good long rung."

Sleepy: "I think you should tell driver too."

Narrator: "Replied Sleepy."

Sleepy: "I'm sure he'll understand."

Narrator: "Robin Hood soon discovered that indeed he did."

Robin Hood's Driver: "Do you know, Robin Hood? I feel just the same way."

Narrator: "That evening, he had exciting news."

Robin Hood's Driver: "Guess what Robin Hood? Mickey has invited us to visit the other Disney Characters on his land. Manager agreed. But it'll be a really long run to get there."

Robin Hood: "Oh, thank you."

Narrator: "Sighed Robin Hood. They set off next morning.

By now, all the other Disney Characters were talking about Robin Hood."

Piglet: "He runs a famous route. Did you know that?"

Narrator: "Said Piglet. Pongo was feeling a little jealous."

Pongo: "Huh! It may be famous, but my route is the first on the path. Everyone knows that too."

Narrator: "And he huffed away to fetch his ducks."

Piglet: "Look!"

Narrator: "Squeaked Piglet."

Piglet: "Why have they all come? There's no Disney Character yet."

Narrator: "But Piglet was wrong. The signal dropped, and from faraway a fox whistled."

Raccoon Twin #2: "Here he comes."

Narrator: "Yelled Raccoon Twin #2.

Robin Hood walked proudly through the junction."

Hercules: "I hope you meet Pongo too."

Narrator: "Said Hercules."

Hercules: "You both have routes to be proud of."

Narrator: "Then Robin Hood set off to help Jiminy Cricket arrange flowers in the yard, and they worked happily together all afternoon.

At last, Pongo arrived."

Pongo: "Sorry, can't talk. It's time for my last delivery. Mustn't be late."

Narrator: "He was hardly out of sight when the Disney Characters heard shouting at the station. Moments later came the alarm."

Paul: "Stop all Disney Characters!"

Narrator: "The signalman answered the telephone."

Signalman: "A special is it? I see."

Narrator: "Pongo was impatient."

Pongo: "Why are we waiting? My passengers are being delayed."

Pongo's Driver: "Sorry, Pongo."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Pongo's Driver: "We're being shunted to allow another Disney Character to pass."

Narrator: "Soon they heard an unfamiliar sound. There was Robin Hood with his headlamp swinging and whistle blowing. He gathered speed and disappeared."

Pongo: "Well bust my tail!"

Narrator: "Said Pongo the Dalmatian.

Next morning, he was still fuming."

Pongo: "Shunted! And on my own route too! It's a disgrace!"

Robin Hood: "I'm sorry."

Narrator: "Said Robin Hood."

Robin Hood: "I was a special."

Pongo: "Why?"

Robin Hood: "An important passenger named Paul arrived just as you left. He ordered a special ride and Jiminy let me take it.

We had a splendid run, but,"

Pongo: "But,"

Narrator: "Finished Pongo."

Pongo: "It can make a Disney Character nervous not to know the route."

Robin Hood: "Exactly!"

Narrator: "Said Robin Hood."

Robin Hood: "You're such an expert."

Narrator: "Pongo felt much better. He couldn't be cross anymore, and instead began telling Robin Hood all about his route."

Gone Fishing

Sometimes it's nice to take some time out
Do what you really want to do.
Just to relax and let the world fly by you.
Forget your worry, no need to hurry.
Just leave a sign to say...
Gone fishing, gone fishing.
It's a sunny old day and you're on your way
Gone fishing.
Gone fishing, Gone fishing.
It's a sunny old day and you're on your way.
Why don't we all go fishing?
You drop your line down to the river
Waiting to see what you can find.
Whatever life has to offer you.
You know you'll take it, stand up and face it
Smiling along the way.
Gone fishing, gone fishing.
It's a sunny old day and you're on your way
Gone fishing.
Gone fishing, Gone fishing.
It's a sunny old day and you're on your way.
Why don't we all go fishing?
There's nothing better on a sunny day
When all your work is done.
Throw down your line, settle down.
Surprise, surprise, look what you've found.
Gone fishing, gone fishing.
It's a sunny old day and you're on your way
Gone fishing.
Gone fishing, Gone fishing.
It's a sunny old day and you're on your way.
Why don't we all go fishing?
It's a sunny old day and you're on your way...
Gone fishing!

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