Shelby had her life changed when she was born. Shelby was born a human, but she's also born a dragon. And to make matters worse, due to her monster form, her mother abandoned her by placing her daughter in the basket and floated away in the river. During the evening Shelby was found by a fire dragon guardian, Ignitus. After Ignitus discovered that this baby is half human, half dragon, he decided to take her in and raised her like his daughter along with Volteer, Terrador, Cyril as their niece, The Chronicler as his grand-daughter and Spyro, Cynder and Sparx as their brother and sister.

20 years later, Shelby is a grown-up young lady, but still a dragon. She's been trained and save everyone when there's trouble. During her journey, she made some friends like Jake Long the American Dragon, Dragun the king of the fire and ice Dragon Tribe, Aerator the Asian Lung, Xavier the last of ther serpant dragon and more. Also, she has found love and her love is DestinyZX aka Jose; she's been with him for three years. Not only that she made friends, like DarkMagicianmon, Hikari, Darth Ben Valor, Erin and more, but she made some enemies like Malefor, Dialgos the Dark Dragon, Chang and more.

During her journey with Jose, she met the demon hunter, Dante, the son of the legendary demon, Sparda. When she and Jose got separated, she and Dante did the ritual called Oath of Sparda. What Dante did that he sliced his sword on Shelby's hand, leaving a scar on the palm of her hand. That means that she's a part of of his family.

Powers and Abilities

Dragon Fire: Shelby will breathe fire out of her mouth to fry her enemies.

Dragon Roar: Like Danny Phantom's Ghostly Wail, Shelby will take a deep breath and lets out the powerful sonic wave called Dragon Roar. Her enemies will be blown away from her powerful attack.

Dragon Earthquake: Shelby will slam her fist on the ground, causing a massive earthquake, but it doesn't affect her friends and good guys.

Dragon Summon: Shelby will roar loudly, summoning legendary Dragon-type Pokemon, like Giratina, Rayquaza, Palkia, Dialga, Latios and Latias to help out.

Rage: When her friends and her lover gets hurt, she will go into rage. Her powers will increase and take on enemies until her rage fades.

Dragon Strength: Shelby will lift up very heavy stuff and rip through walls and metal walls with her claws.

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