This is a Sly Cooper cartoon series.

Episode Guide

Mask of Life

Episode 1: Island of Unknown, Island of Doom

Episode 2: Jungle Crash Course 2

Episode 3: A Legend Reborn

Episode 4: The Other Gang on the Loose

Episode 5: Desert of the Trigger

Episode 6: Tower of Snake

Episode 7: Mountain of Ice Part 1

Episode 8: Mountain of Ice Part 2

Episode 9: Bully's Furnace of Heat

Episode 10: Conquering a Deep Fear

Episode 11: Stones Stones Stones

Episode 12: The Gauntlet of Life Part 1

Episode 13: The Gauntlet of Life Part 2

Episode 14: An Awankening of the Seventh

Episode 15: A Dragon Lot of Trouble

Creeps of the Deep

Episode 16: Under Pressure Part 1

Episode 17: Under Pressure Part 2

Episode 18: The Depth Charge

Episode 19: Creeps from the Deep

Episode 20: Barrage of the Barraki

Episode 21: Descent of Voya

Episode 22: The Cord Snaps!

Episode 23: A Terrible Revalation

Spirits of the Sky

Episode 24: Phantoms of the Sky

Episode 25: A Cooper Returns

Episode 26: A Makuta Infestation

Episode 27: The Protected Fight Back

Episode 28: Descent to the Swamp

The Final Battle

Episode 29: The Big Insects

Episode 30: Swamp of Secrets

Episode 31: The Core That Feeds the Core

Episode 32: Cracking a Code

Episode 33: Unexpected Firepower

Episode 34: The Greatest Treasure

Episode 35: The Storm of Doom

Episode 36: All's Well that a Quest Ends Well

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