Sly Cooper The Eternal Night is a game I will be making for PS2,PS3,Nintendo Wii and Ds.

After the defeat of Draigo and the cane of destiny quest complete,the darkest hour of the world beckons as the night of eternal darkness approaches as Sly must confront Interpol for the first time.As these dark times approach Paris,Sly is being haunted by reouccuring visions of these events and must stop Interpol from ressurecting the Master of Dark Justice.


This game wil take 3-4 days to complete and most of the game focuses on mainly Sly but all his friends are playable on 3 levels.Interpol's new fortress is on the mountain of Fralifor.New enemies including Interpol's troops and yarrr pirates.Master the elements of Fire,Electricity,Ice and Earth including Raccoon Time.New challenging bosses including Arborick,2 Interpol Assasins and 6 Scurvywings.

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