Sly Cooper Unleashed is a remake of Sonic Unleashed which I will make for PS2,PS3,PSP and Xbox 360.

Sneek Peek Cutscene

Interpol Beetle Battle

(Murray is driving the van along the Temple Road while it then moves on to Carmelita with her Interpol Beetle.Murray then drives the van up to Carmelita and Sly gets on the van roof.)

Sly: Carmelita.Aren't you and your troops feel like some exercise?

Carmelita: How did you get here so quickly?No matter your theiving road ends here.

(Murray stops the van and Sly jumps of the roof.)

Carmelita: Behold my new power.Interpol Beetle, Go!

Battle Begins(Xbox 360 and PS3 versions only)

Carmelita: Do you really think you have the chance to take down Interpol?My Interpol Beetle will fling you behind bars.Troops!

Troops: Yes?

Carmelita: Engage combat mode Level 1!

Troops: Yes Carmelita.

(First Button Sequence complete after 20 hits)

Carmelita: Engage Combat mode Level 2!!

(Second Button sequence after 20 hits)

Carmelita: Nnnnnnrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!Engage combat mode Level 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Last Sequence complete after 30 hits)

Carmelita: You haven't seen the last of Interpol!

(Interpol Beetle explodes)

Sly: What?Over already?Oh well.

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