Smackdown and Karate is the upcoming online movie written and directed by Roc. Starring Woody, Batasta, Kenity and Danny. The movie's release is for August 4th, 2013, As it was set for May 1st, 2013.


Woody explains how karate is one of his favorite sports out of Basketball, Football and Soccer the 3 existing sports .

By: Roc.


The movie opens up with Woody explaining how karate is his favorite sport of all exsting sports. The computer then zooms into a movie theatre screen where Woody battles Batasta. Afterwards Woody's father Jimmy James wants to sign Woody up for wrestiling Woody is too upset to agree. At the wrestiling ring Batasta claims that wrestiling is better than karate. Woody sneaks into the wrestiling ring and battles Batasta again. Whitey is impress'd to see Santino, Kenity and Danny do tryouts for the competition. Later that night Batasta erase's Woody's name on the competition signup sheet. On the day of the race Woody tells his dad his signiture was forg'd by Batasta. Woody goes to the ring and has the real battle with Batasta and wins by sending him off of earth and into space forever. Alex finds out about Woody's forg'd signiture. Woody dances and so do Batasta and his friends who got kicked out of the wrestiling ring.

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