Small Soliders(John Horton Productions) is an upcoming new Movie Spoof for the first time like Toy Story this film has Toys come to live in our world but when enemies fight against Heroes


Lewis(MTR): Alan Abernathy

Melody(TLM2): Christy Fimple

Hans(Frozen): Gill Mars

Eric(TLM): Phil Fimple

Ariel: Marion Fimple

Mowgli: Timmy Fimple

Derek(TSP): Stuart Abernathy

Odette(TSP): Irene Abernathy

Jimmy Neutron: Irwin Wayfair

Goku: Larry Benson

Maria Hill(Avengers): Ms. Kegel

Eugene Krabs: Joe

Jim Hawkins(Treasure Planet): Brad

Robert Callaghan: Ralph Quist

Mrs. Puff: Neighbor

Stan Smith-Husband

Francine Smith: Wife



Johnny Test: Insaniac

Hercules(Disney): Slamfist

Dominic(Jungle Fury) & Skids(Transformers): Punch It and Scratch It

Genie(Aladdin): Troglokhan(Frankenstein)

Wall-E: Ocula

The Commando Elite

Scar(TLK): Major Chip Hazard

Gaston: Link Static

Dr. Facilier: Butch Meathook

Hades(Disney): Brick Bazooka

Clayton(Disney):Nick Nitro

Evil Emperor Zurg: Kip Killigan

The Dazzlings, Heather, Scarlet Amy Sugar, Holli Would, Vicky(TFOP), Azula, Angelica Pickles, Wuya, Theodora the Wicked Witch of West, Amora the Enchantress, Princess Morbucks and the Trix(Winx)-Gwendy Dolls.

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