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Super Smash Bros. Clash is a fan-made game that consists of a crossover of the Nintendo and Disney universes.

Smash Bros. 101

How to Play

  • Super Smash Bros. Overview

Super Smash Bros. is an action-packed fighting game where various Nintendo characters duke it out to see who the best is! As an added bonus this time around, Disney characters will be joining the fray!

How do they battle it out, you ask? Simple! They attack each other in the battlefield, thus building up their damage meters. The higher the damage, the further they get sent flying. This is all done in an attempt to knock each other off the stage. Once someone has fallen off the stage, WHAM! They've been KO'd!

Up to four people can play!

  • Movements

It's time to first get used to moving around the area. In this game, tapping the Control Stick is the key!

Let's begin with our first of movements: walking and running. Tilt the Control Stick forward to simply walk. Tap it to run!

And now, onto jumping. Tap it up or press the jump button to jump. Do it again in midair to do a midair jump!

And last, crouching. Tilt down on the control stick to crouch. Tap it down to drop through a platform, if you're standing on one.

Other Gameplay Mechanics

1-Player Game Modes

Multiplayer Modes

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