The white stars floats to the purple mountain Paramount logo. The white text "Paramount Pictures" from the 1989 logo appears when the logo, then, below, the white text "A VIACOM COMPANY" appears when the 80's logo starts. The logo "Playboy Pictures" appears, then fades.

                                        SMASH & DON
                                      The Movie

The intro of Superman parody is a parody opening theme, then, the theme song fades, the camera rolls down to the left to show Allen's house. A closeup heads to Allen's door. Kenny opens the door, then, closes it. Smash & Allen is eating cantaloupes.

  • Smash: Oh, hello, Kenny.
  • Kenny: (waving at Smash) (Hello.)
  • Allen: Smash? Can you eat?
  • Smash: Kenny, I'm planning a new idea.
  • Kenny: (What's that?)
  • Smash: Saving Private Smash Saving All the World.
  • Allen: *sigh* Smash, why are you planning a plan? You better not plan something. Or you'll be grounded 34 months. [Smash looks forgetful and confused to Allen because of him, then, looks back to Kenny]
  • Smash: Sorry, Kenny.
  • Kenny: (That's okay. It's not your fault, Allen has a bad moment to die to cut the mustard.)
  • Smash: Well? What do you mean? Don and everybody is coming. 24 hours, 60 minutes and 5 seconds 'till Allen dies.
  • Kenny: (Why not?)
  • Smash: Well, that's my plan, you know.

First National Bank (Olive Hill)

[the creatures all talking

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