Smokescreen is a fan-fiction Thomas & Friends episode for Season 4 made by SuperMalechi. This aired after High Speed Gordon.


Gordon feels "stuffed up" and sneezes at Wellsworth, unfortunately spraying soot onto a party of wedding guests. Sir Topham Hatt delays a visit to the mainland to apologise to the guests, but to wait for another train to get home, when Gordon steams back past and some ashes fall onto his top hat. When Gordon gets home an inspector comes up with a message telling Gordon that he will be disciplined when Sir Topham Hatt returns.


  •  ???


  • US Narrator: Ringo Starr.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.

Music Included

  1.  ???


Ringo Starr US narration

  • Ringo Starr: Gordon was feeling stuffed up.
  • Gordon's Fireman,: It's the coal, Gordon.
  • Ringo Starr: Explained his fireman.
  • Gordon's Fireman: It's clogging up your tubes or something awful. But we'll have to be doing it, or nothing else.
  • Henry: Why don't you have a good sneeze?
  • Ringo Starr: Suggested Henry, thinking of the time he punished some boys for throwing stones on him.
  • Henry: That will clear your tubes.
  • Gordon: Certainly not!
  • Ringo Starr:

Michael Angelis UK narration

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