One Evening on the Island of Sodor, in a train repair shop. There were 4 men. 3 of them seemed to be ganging up on the fourth.

"Freak!" Cried one.

"Psycho!" Shouted another.

"You don't belong here! You can't do anything!" The last one, the leader snarled at him. They kicked Charles out, and slammed the door.

Charles ran away, crying. "I know I can't do as much as them. But they never gave me a chance to show them what I can do." He said between sobs. He kept running, and it seemed like he would never stop.

Charles finally stopped running at what looked like the Mid Sodor Railway. He just sat down, crying, "Why are you crying?" A voice out of no where said. It was kind of high, but not squeaky high.

Charles looked over, and saw a engine named Smudger behind a small wall.

"No matter where I go, No- No one resp- ects me..." Charles stammered.

"What's your name?" Smudger asked.

"Charles..." The guy said nervously. "Listen, Charles. Who worries about a few spills? I'll help you if you help me." Smudger offered.

"R-really?!" Charles exclaimed. "First, I need to get out of here. Next, I need to be repaired. Then, we can both get our revenge." Smudger demanded.

"I'll be right back." Charles said, and ran off. After about 2 minutes, he came back with train parts. He climbed over the wall, and started to repair Smudger. After about 5 minutes of Charles repairing Smudger, he finally finished. Charles got inside of Smudger, and they smashed the wall, "Thanks." Smudger said.

Smudger was Entering the Brendam Docks Where Edward was Disappointed.

"What's Your Name?" Said Edward.

"Smudger" Replied Smudger.

"What Do You Want From Me?" Said Edward.

"Your Trucks" Replied Smudger.

Smudger Decided to Pick up the Troublesome Train & Sped off.

"GO ON, GO ON, ON, ON, ON!" Yelled the Trucks.

"Smudger, This is not a Good Idea" Said Charles.

"Who Cares?" Replied Smudger.

Alex Kidd Was Chasing Them

"Time to Chase Them" Said Alex Kidd as He Started the Motorcycle.

"STOP!" Alex Kidd Screamed.

Charles decided to put on the Brakes, But he Could not.

"YOU CAN'T STOP! YOU CAN'T STOP" Said the Trucks

Smudger Kept Going and Going and Going Until a pair of derailed trucks are present on the rocky line in front of Him. Smudger, unable to stop, smashes into the derailed trucks and flies off of the rails.

"WHOAH!" Smudger continued as he rolled along the ground until he tumbles off a rocky ledge.

Smudger falls all the way down the mountain cliff. He reaches the bottom of the mountain and crashes into the rocky ground below.

CRASH! Smudger's body shell explodes on contact with the ground, with bits such as whistles and handrails flying in several directions. Also Smudger's driver, Charles, was badly injured by the crash.

"I Better Need the Breakdown Train" Said Alex Kidd as he Drove Away.

Soon, Thomas helped Smudger get back onto the Rails by Jerome and Judy.

"Hey! I Thought you were turned to a Generator!" Said Thomas

Charles was Sent to the Hospital by Harold the Helicopter.

Thomas was Pushing Smudger on a Flatbed.

"Should we Bring Smudger to Japan" Said Hiro.

"Yes!" Said Thomas.

So They Sent Smudger & Charles to Japan by a Ship full of Food so Charles won't have to Starve.

Charles was Okay, but he was not happy about this plan.

"Oh, I Don't Want to to go Japan!" Cried Charles.

"I Don't Care." Replied Smudger.

Alex Kidd was there too.

"I'm gonna Send you Home." Said Alex Kidd.

"Thank You!" Replied Charles.

When they Went to Japan, Smudger met Many Girls in Bikinis.

They Celebrated a Welcome to Japan Party with Smudger.

So, Charles & Alex Kidd was sent back to their homes.


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