A Snoodle's Hail is a fake VeggieTales episode and prequel to "A Snoodle's Tale".


The Snoodles and Bill were in the courtyard of the King's palace. They went into his throne room and there were people slapping. They then were tied up into a contraption. It was "The Spanking Contraption of No Return!" They put a pumpkin on there and smacked the pumpkin into pulp.


  • Narrator: Once upon a time, the snoodles and Bill are going into the doors of the King's palace's courtyard.
  • Bill: Hey! Here comes a city official to greet us!
  • Snoodle Harold: Bonjour! We're in the neighborhood, so....
  • City Official: These are the men arrested at once! And they've done theivery 'cause they want a spaning!
  • (City official beats the Snoodles and Billy with butterfly nets, spatulas, sticks, etc. Cut to black.)
  • Bill: (muffled) King Xerxes, help me! Why are we stuck in a gumball machine? Can we go into the ladies' room?
  • Narrator: But before the King could answer.... (trumpet fanfare)
  • King: I don't know why, but shut up!!!!!!!!!
  • City Official: Next! These men have been found guilty about who would get a spanking! For their punishment - the Spanking Contraption of No Return!
  • Crowd: (laughter)
  • City Official: Observe!
  • (guards put pumpkin on platform, SWOOSH!, pumpkin splatters the Snoodles of Snoohyde.)
  • Snoodles: (yelling, screaming and crying as they exit the palace. Trumpet fanfare)
  • City Official: I give you...King Xerxes!!!!
  • Snoodles: *gulp*
  • Crowd: That's Olaf.
  • City Official: This king has set out to steal your food. For his punishment - the Spanking Contraption of No Return!
  • Crowd: (laughter)

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