Snoopy has a relationship/family whoever he loved.


  • Missy (mother)
  • Baxter (father)
  • Spike (brother)
  • Belle (sister; later girlfriend)
  • Molly (younger sister)
  • Marbles (brother)
  • Olaf (portly brother)
  • Andy (younger brother)
  • Rover (brother)
  • Wario (adopted stepfather)
  • Mona (adopted mother)
  • Jimmy T. (adopted father)
  • Kat (adopted aunt)
  • Ana (adopted aunt)
  • 9-Volt (adopted uncle)
  • Orbulon (adopted uncle)
  • Dr. Crygor (adopted uncle)
  • Dribble (adopted uncle)
  • Spitz (adopted uncle)
  • Papa T. (adopted grandfather)
  • Mama T. (adopted grandmother)
  • Jamie T. (adopted niece)
  • James T. (adopted cousin)
  • Ashley (adopted aunt)
  • Red (adopted cousin)
  • Mike (adopted uncle)
  • Penny Crygor (adopted niece)
  • Young Cricket (adopted uncle)
  • Master Mantis (adopted great-grandfather)
  • Michelle (adopted aunt)
  • Terrabulon (adopted aunt)

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