Snoopy's Relatives is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.

List of Them


  1. Baxter (Father (Deceased)
  2. Missy (Mother)
  3. Spike (Older Brother)
  4. Belle (Sister; Girlfriend; Love Interest)
  5. Olaf (Brother)
  6. Andy (Brother)
  7. Rover (Brother)
  8. Marbles (Younger Brother)
  9. Molly (Sister)
  10. Woodstock (Best Friend)
  11. Fifi (Girlfriend)
  12. Wario (Adoptive Stepfather)
  13. Mona (Adoptive Mother)
  14. Jimmy T. (Adoptive Father)
  15. Dribble (Adoptive Ex-Uncle)
  16. Spitz (Adoptive Half-Uncle)
  17. Orbulon (Adoptive Uncle)
  18. Dr. Crygor (Adoptive StepUncle)
  19. 9-Volt (Adoptive Uncle)
  20. Kat (Adoptive Aunt)
  21. Ana (Adoptive Aunt)
  22. WarioMan (Adoptive Devil Stepfather)
  23. Satoru Iwata (Archenemy)
  24. 18-Volt (Adoptive Uncle)
  25. Ashley (Adoptive Ex-Aunt)
  26. Red (Adoptive Half-Brother)
  27. Mike (Adoptive Uncle (Deceased)
  28. Michelle (Adoptive Aunt (Deceased)
  29. Penny Crygor (Adoptive Cousin)

List of Them


  1. Jago (Best Friend)
  2. TJ Combo (Green Brother; Husband)
  3. B. Orchid (Best Friend-In-Law)
  4. Chief Thunder (Adoptive Human Father)
  5. Sabrewulf (Formal Boyfriend; Rival)
  6. Fulgore (Spiritual Father)
  7. Eyedol (First Archenemy (Deceased)
  8. Maya (Humanitarian Mother (Deceased)
  9. Tusk (Humanitarian Father (Deceased)
  10. Kim Wu (Humanitarian Sister-In-Law (Deceased)
  11. Gargos (Second Archenemy (Deceased)
  12. Sadira (Second Enemy)
  13. Shadow Jago (Third Archenemy)
  14. Aria (Spiritual Mother)
  15. Arbiter (Creature Uncle)

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