Snoopy is an adult and a grown-up character wearing his musketeer clothes and his lucky hat to the tournament in the Killer Instinct and Snoopy and Killer Instinct series.


  • Species: Dog
  • Fur Color: White and Black
  • Clothing: (1994-1995) Red Warrior Shirt, Blue Turtle neck shirt and pants, Yellow Trims, Tan Hat, Blue Ribbon, Red Feather, Red Long-Shirt, Blue Vest, Gold Trims, Dark brown boots, white gloves (2004) Gold Symbol, Light Brown Pants, Dark Brown Boots, Gold Boot-Buckles, Dark Brown Buckle Belt, White Collar, White Big Gloves, Umber Brown Hat, Blue Trim for the Hat, Red Feather
  • Allies: Jago, B. Orchid, TJ Combo, Chief Thunder, Sabrewulf (formally), Glacius (formally), Spike (brother; cousin), Belle (sister; girlfriend; love interest), Olaf (big brother; best friend), Andy (younger brother; best friend), Rover (brother; best friend), Molly (sister; cute friend), Marbles (youngest brother; best friend), Woodstock (best friend), Maya (earthly mother), Kim Wu, Tusk (earthly father), Tiger Spirit
  • Enemies: Fulgore, Riptor, Spinal, Cinder, Glacius (briefly), Sabrewulf (briefly; sometimes), Eyedol (archenemy), UltraTech, Gargos (archenemy)


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