Snoopy and Garfield at the Olymîc Games is a game.

Teams (No Dilbert) (No Transformers) (No Mickey Mouse) (No Care Bears)

Team Snoopy (Mario)

Snoopy as Mario

Charlie Brown as Luigi (duh)

Sally as Yoshi

Linus as Peach

Lucy as Daisy

Schroeder as Bowser

Pigpen as Wario

Peppermint Patty and Woodstock as Waluigi

Team Garfield (Sonic)

Garfield as Sonic

Odie as Tails (duh)

Jon as Knuckles

Arlene as Amy

Nermal as Blaze

Wally as Shadow

Liz and Garzooka and Vetvix as Eggman

Vetvix Zombies as Vector (7 zombies)

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