• Jago as Ryu
  • Snoopy as Ken
  • Orchid as Chun-Li
  • Belle as Sakura
  • Tusk as Hugo
  • Thunder as T. Hawk
  • TJ Combo as Balrog (Both are boxers! I'm sure TJ Combo's good but Balrog is still vain!)
  • Olaf as Guy
  • Andy as Cody
  • Spinal as Urien
  • Fulgore as M. Bison
  • Glacius as Dhalsim
  • Sabrewulf as Blanka
  • Maya as Cammy
  • Kim Wu as Rosie
  • Molly as Elena
  • Spike as Dudley
  • Riptor as Vega
  • Gargos as Twelve
  • Rover as Abel
  • Marbles as Guile
  • Eyedol as Akuma
  • Shadow Jago as Evil Ryu

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