1. Belle as Toaster
  2. Alice as Blanky
  3. Dopey as Ratso
  4. LeFou as Mack
  5. Alice's Sister as Tinselina
  6. Lumiere as Radio
  7. Bird on the Tree as Maisie
  8. The Prince as Charlie
  9. Snow White as Ceiling Fan
  10. Queen of Hearts as Chris
  11. Gaston as Rob
  12. King of Hearts as Microwave
  13. Cogsworth as Kirby
  14. Angelique as Baby Robbie
  15. The Huntman as Elmo St. Peter
  16. Bill the Lizard as Hanging Lamp
  17. White Rabbit as Air Conditioner
  18. The Witch as The Giant Magnet
  19. Enchantress as Lampy
  20. Carpenter as Hearing Aid
  21. Dodo as Wittgenstein
  22. Mrs. Potts as Computer
  23. Chip as Mouse
  24. Forte as The Evil Clown
  25. Stove as Viking 1
  26. Walrus as Blender
  27. Beast as Supreme Commander
  28. March Hare as Calculator

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