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The world of snowfall is in a peaceful state. However, once every 25 years the planets align and cause the Long Winter. During the long winter demons return from the source to stalk the land and terrorize it's denizens. Legend holds that each 25 years a hero will will show up to banish them back whence they came. This year however...

Snowfall is a RPG which will take you trough large forests, snow covered lands, abandoned cities, mountains, caves and dungeons of all kinds as you travel along your journey to the northern lands. Where you must fight the demons and banish them. Pretty standard RPG at first glance.


The time draws near, I can only hope the kid is ready for his destiny. It's not like he has a choice...

It seems so long ago, 25 years... yet, sometimes it seems as if it was just yesterday. I was there with my closest allies, strong fighters all of them. Daniel the Warrior, the swiftest blade in the lands. Not swift enough in the end, Gaea rest his soul. At least he died in combat as a true warrior would wish. Zontar a battle mage who had no equal in close combat, or so he thought. Jasmin the druid. Wood does burn very well indeed. Her screams haunt me still. Merin the rogue, I wonder what became of him. Myself, and, Kyrena... how I miss her...

It's a miracle any of us managed to return at all. The Frozen Wastes, such a fitting name. My sister Jessica was forced to stay behind, we heard later she got married to a local merchant, lucky bastard. At least some of us were lucky back then. Merin, Kyrena and myself were the only other lucky ones, in a way. But if I think back of the things we've seen there I'd almost wish I was among those we had to leave behind... The smell of the creatures, ugh! No man could ever expect to stand close enough to those demons and ever hope to forget that stink! I take regular baths at the local spring, but feel like the smell haunts me still.

We completed the quest that was thrust upon us in the end, but the price we paid... I'd rather let a Grubear have it's way with me than set foot in those lands ever again. But yes, we managed to return to the lowlands a few seasons later, not much ceremony, no welcoming committee other than our own half forgotten family.

When we came back from the Frozen Wastes Jessica was the first to recognize us. She seemed so happy, until she heard all the details obviously. I don't think I could tell the full story more than once, but, when I did I could feel my heart lighten a little. I guess she wanted to carry a little piece of the load I was carrying back from our journey.

Kyrena and me got married during the spring that followed, after the earlier tragedies it seemed like nothing could possibly go wrong for us anymore. The weather was perfect, as blue a sky as there ever was with barely any wind we could notice. Flowers making their early appearance, birds singing in the trees. It was practically summer. Less than a month later she came to me saying she had a suprise. Heh. She was like that, always full of suprises.

Jessica came to stay with us that last week, acting as midwife. Having had two kids herself already, I guess she felt she was the best person for the job. I'll never forget that day...

Sadly, Kyrena died shortly after giving birth to my son, our son, how I wish she was stil alive to give me council. Sigh... Of all things, raising a child is not how a warrior would expect to spend his retirement. Certainly not one so, so, loud!

After Kyrena's death Jessica's been like a mother to the kid, I don't think I'd have been able to raise him alone. I was devastated at her loss for months, part of me silently blamed him for her death, young as he was. Though I realize now it's not his fault.

Every day I am still reminded of her... He's got her eyes.

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