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  • Title : Snowfall
  • Subtitle : Shades of Winter


Cinematic where the user is shown the prologue, from "dad's" perspective.


  • The Story starts off in your home town, a small village near the Eastern forest.
  • The game begins with you waking up in your room, when you go downstairs you're send out to fetch some wood for the stove by your aunt.
  • You can go outside and "spar" with some of your friends, who explain the basic interface and game mechanics.
  • If you go to the local Inn you can talk to some buddies who "hint" that Estarra had gone to the north waterfall.
(insert details)
  • Sidequest, go south to rid the nearest farm land of mice and other rodents.
(insert details)
  • Sidequest, help the local fishermen east of town.
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Heading North

  • Some days later you're send out to obtain some more wood from the stack next to the house.
  • When you enter the house again your aunt will ask you to restock the wood reserves in preparation for winter which is sure to be coming soon. She sends you north.
  • As you progress your harvest, a chill goes down your spine,, was that an odd sound? It seems colder than usual. (fog effect)
  • You decide to check the nearby waterfall where Estarra usually goes to wash herself, hopefully you may catch a glimpse of her today !
(insert details)
  • After the event you return home with a wounded and unconcious Estarra in your arms, only to find that a similar creature has been slain in the town square, your father standing beside it with a rusty bloodied sword. The same sword you remember hanging above the fireplace...
  • After a brief talk it becomes obvious that you will be the next generation that will be send out to the north to stop the invaders, your father gives you his rusty sword and sends you to the nearest city to declare your bloodline to the king and request the slayer sword. To reach the city you must head west trough the great forest however...

West Forest

The forest is still green, though a strange mist already covers more than some places. Winter is coming, the demons are sure to follow.

You find ruins of a town in the forest. You meet your first party member, a young rogue. He requests to be taken to your town, where you leave him to recover.

Back in town Kyrena appears more healthy, you set out west again. When you reach the ruined town, you're called upon from behind, Kyrena has followed you ! she joins the party.

You pass trough a swamp, and underground ruins.


You find the castle itself to be under attack, you assist the gaurds at the front gate. 1 will later join your party.

After defeating the minor attack on the castle you make your way to receive an audience, stating your intentions. The councillor basically laught at your face.
He sends you on a task to prove yourself further south there have been reports of other attacks, he's send another party to investigate some weeks before, but they have not returned. You are requested to investigate. Since the road there is long and potentially dangerous he sends the guard you met earlier along with you.

South Town

You travel south trough the woods, over the grassland, across a small mountain range, and reach the small town which turns out to be overrun. The previous scout party no doubt eaten alive or slaughtered.

Questioning one of the barely surviving residents you gain information that the demons came from the south. Strange... weren't they supposed to come from the north according to legend?

Uncertain about facing such large numbers with such a small party the guard who is with you recommends heading back to the castle.

The mountain pass you used before collapsed / collapses as you pass, and your main way trough would be a cave system. faced with no other options you decide to explore the caves. which lead out to a swamp area. Familiar territory ! It seems you ended up near the catacombs east of the city.

The Castle

Arriving at the castle, it is burning and under heavy attack. You have no choice but to assist in the defence. Bodies everywhere, much burning. Arriving in the central hall the councillor missing and you manage to face the king. He recognises you as the son of gerald and informs you to his regret that the sword was taken away just a few moments ago by a winged creature which flew to the northern wastes.

As the king decides there is no way you could fight such a horde in your current state, he recommends you go west and seek the aid of the elves, who are known for their magical powers. Kyrena may be able to learn some new spells from them. The guard comes up and volunteers to come along but the king declines his request and commands him to assist in defending the castle. The king sends you on your way, declaring that the remaining guard will take care of the demons at the castle, since the main horde seems to have gone off north along with the winged one. The guard says he'll try to catch up with you once the castle is safe again.

On your way west over the plains.


At the Western forest, this forest is rumored to have elves living inside it. It's darker than the eastern forest. you wade deeper into the forest, encounter a swamp area, and eventually the high trees where the elves live.

You arrange a meeting with their lord, and request information about the 25 year war, kyrena is taken in as mage trainee, and the lord sends you north to find one of their novice priest elves who according to their own legends is destined to aid in the battle. you are send out along with one of the royal archers.

elf mountain

As you reach the northern mountain you are greeted by an "old friend" who turns out to be the rogue you had saved at the start of your journey. aparently he's been "looking around". You head up the mountain, trough the caves, up to the pinnacle where the meditating elf is said to be. You meet up with the mysterious elf priestess. She promises to come down soon and sends you away. you venture back to town.


When you near the town the thief makes an excuse to leave your party and agrees to meet you again at a later time, possibly near the castle. Once you enter the town, guards are looking trough the houses seeking a thie, some of the queen's jewels were stolen. Recognizing the probable thief as your former partymember the archer fakes outrage and sends a pack of guards west... "in the wrong direction". winks at the bushes behind you, and goes east herself.

You meet kyrena again, who's learned a few new spells. The novice priestess arrives, and after a brief discussion with the other elves Kyrena is instructed to travel to an island off to the southwest to obtain a special type of pearl which would act as a channeler for her newfound powers. Her teacher will come along as well to monitor her performance and keep an eye on her. There should be a port town near the coast.

Port town

After travelling trough the woods southwest, you reach the port town, and arrange for a boat to take you to the island. Not a great lot of response from the local captains, as they're all afraid of the cold weather and recent iceberg sightings. You visit the local pub and ask around, a shady figure who turns out to be a pirate might be willing to help you. for a price. His boat is a while to the southeast. near a forest clearing.


You set out with the boat, the captain promised it'd be a fairly long journey and suggests you recuperate below deck. The female elf is struck with sea sickness. Night falls, you and kyrena are above deck watching the stars. Everyone goes to sleep, but is rudely awakened by some water elementals / creatures. After some battles you cleared the deck, but the boat is rammed big a giant whale, and some members of the crew are eaten.

Fishy tales

Inside the whale's belly you find some of the remaining pirate, and team up with 1 of them again. You travel to the whale's mouth and encounter an imp which was causing it pain, after slaying the imp the elf priest is able to soothe the whale. and you are dropped off on the small tropical island.

Lost at sea

Now that you're at, hopefully the correct island you seek the gem, Find a small cave and encounter an odd creature inside with a brightly shining pearl on one of it's tentacles. After the fight, the death of the creature caused a side wall to open, unable to invent a better alternative you decide to explore the cave system further.

Caves under water

Long cave system, wet and dripping, long journey with lack of food. eventually you reach an offshore island near another continent. Chopping down a few of the trees you manage to make a log raft, which breaks down near the coast. Everyone manages to hold on, but reaches the shore wet as a drowned kitten. Kyrena attempts to dry you by casting a low level fire spell, but fumbles and sets you ablaze, panics, and freezes you in a block of ice, panics again sets you on fire, then drenches you with a water spell, leaving you no better off than your former position. You fall unconcious to the sand.


You find yourself awake in a soft bed, with Kyrena softly snoring away in another bed not far off. You decide to let her sleep and get out of bed, only to fall and fumble again. black screen with text while you're hauled back into bed.

Waking again, this time you're fine, as is everyone else. You meet the pirate at the docks, but he informs you he plans to become a captain himself. he's left arrangements for you near the docks. There is a merchant waiting near a boat. he tells you he's waiting for a caravan to arrive from the west, but would gladly take you along to the eastern continent if you manage to find out what happened to it,, and preferably recovered it's cargo.

After some discussion with the remains of your party, the priest informs you this is as good a time as any to start the second part of kyrena's training, she now has the sea pearl for her wand, but lacks the rod, and casing for the pearl, then the 3 need to be fused by elemental heat. The forest to the west should house a magica tree, of which a branch should be exactly what you need, and north there should be a mountain range where you can get the correct crystal for the casing. after that, southwest there is a volcano where you may be able to infuse the 3 pieces.

Dryad Forest

(need info)

Air Crystals

(need info)

Hot stuff

(need info)


Having the rod, you wish to return to the castle,, but the merchant still refuses to give you access to his boat until you find the caravan. He gestures you to travel to the western town where it was supposed to have come from. And asks you to look out for a medium sized iron bound chest of a certain design.

You head west, come across a town which claims not to have seen any caravans yet, but is also expecting them to arrive still, and rumors of strange occurings from the north and south. you head further west.

You travel to the town, and find it destroyed, The invading hordes must have started here as well. After searching the ruins you encounter a warehouse which is more or less intact, entering it shows that there are still demons in town after all.

In the basement of the warehouse you find an odd (slow) demon tugging a chest across the floor. Such coincidence.

Getting back

(need info)

The castle

Where the castle was, now lies smoking rubble,

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