Soapin' Water is a US Animated Series that came to Kids' WB! on September 1, 2001. It is created by David Hale, Tim Newman and James Proimos (the staff behind Generation O!) and ran for two Seasons and fifty-two episodes until April 12, 2003.


  • Follow the adventures of Abbie Willis and her family and friends, as they live their Soapin' Water lives in the town of Caldwell, Oregon.


  • Abbie Willis (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern) is the titular protagonist and a 13-year-old teen pop fanatic.
  • Daisy Willis (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is Abbie's 17-year-old Sister who is mean like any other 17-year-old girls.
  • Andrea Willis (voiced by Tara Strong) is Abbie's 5-year-old Sister who is portrayed as a loud crybaby.
  • Stephanie and Morton Willis (voiced by Nadine Rabinovitch and Tom Kenny) are Abbie and her sisters' parents.
  • Bunker (voiced with meowing effects by Katie Griffin) is the Willis Family's pet cat who has black fur.
  • Aiden Simpson (voiced by Scott Menville) is Abbie's love interest who idolizes her.
  • Nicole Atkinson (voiced by Lacy Chabert) is Abbie's best friend who is a full Goth.
  • Demi Watson (voiced by Debi Derryberry) is Abbie's other friend who is a nerd.
  • Lara Benney (voiced by Jennifer Hale) is Abbie's rival who, like her older sister Daisy, is mean and snobby.
  • Annie Kinton (voiced by Hynden Walch) is Nicole's rival who is a perfect girl.
  • Luca Gregor (voiced by Jocelyn Loewen) is Demi's rival who is a cheerleader.
  • Greg Mendoza (voiced by Jason Marsden) is Nicole's boyfriend who idolizes her.
  • Lucas Stephney (voiced by Jeff Bennett) is Demi's boyfriend who, like Aiden and Greg, is an idolizing boy.
  • Dylan Hall (voiced by Danny Cooksey) is Lara's boyfriend and Aiden's rival.
  • Seth McCarthy (voiced by Will Friedle) is Annie's boyfriend and Greg's rival.
  • Kellen Camacho (voiced by Rino Romano) is Luca's boyfriend and Lucas' rival.
  • Rosie Baker (voiced by Chantal Strand) is Abbie's next door neighbor.
  • Eloise Trainor (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) is Rosie's assistant.
  • Kate Benney (voiced by Jackie Buscarino) is Lara's 5-year-old Sister who is rivals with Andrea
  • Shea McCarthy (voiced by Candi Milo) is Seth's 17-year-old Sister who is suspicious of her brother's antics.
  • Principal Lenora Harrington (voiced by Sissy Spacek) is the strict principal of Caldwell Academy.


Season 1 (September 2001-January 2002)

  1. A Story About A Big Band
  2. Bad To The Bone
  3. Double Attitudes
  4. Lara's Suds
  5. Put Upon Andrea
  6. Whispering A Secret
  7. All Stoked Up
  8. Breaking The Spell
  9. A Soapin' Halloween
  10. Topsy Turvy Palace
  11. The Exploit of Responsibility
  12. Rockets Do Soar
  13. A Willis Family Thanksgiving
  14. Prone Troublemakers
  15. Grab That Weasel!
  16. Hitched To A Rope
  17. A Soapin' Christmas
  18. A Soapin' New Year
  19. Feeling Fractious
  20. Standing Up To A Bully

Season 2 (September 2002-April 2003)

  1. Morton Goes To The Mayor
  2. Escape From The Sewers
  3. The Magical Acts
  4. Locked By Herself
  5. Swindling Satellites
  6. Up, Up and Onward!
  7. Frozen Apart
  8. A Vampire's Tale
  9. Hoping For A Better Score
  10. Watch The Kittens
  11. Daily Chores
  12. Surf's Up
  13. Mission: Makeover
  14. Attack of The 50-Foot Kate
  15. Backing It Off
  16. Andrea Against The Bees
  17. Shameless Excuses
  18. A Maiden's Assistance
  19. Fast Friends
  20. Jackpot!
  21. Flight For Safety
  22. The Dangerous Village
  23. Getting Closer For A Goal
  24. Fine With Demi
  25. Aerobics and Exercises
  26. Dinner Is Swerved
  27. Mellowing Out
  28. Flamenco Nicole
  29. Clean and Neat
  30. House of Calls
  31. Lara Is Busted!
  32. A Soapin' Finale

Production Companies

  • Cuckoo's Nest Studios
  • It's A Laugh Productions
  • Nelvana


  • This is the second show to be created by the same creators who made Generation O!.
  • Like Hoop-a-Joop, it uses squiggle-vision effects.
  • Morgenstern is the role of Abbie Willis.
  • In recent YTV airings and also in Starz Kids and Family prints, the 2004 Nelvana logo is used after the Cuckoo's Nest Studios and It's A Laugh Productions logos.

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