Catagory:Communication Age

Social Networking

In the current communication age in which we live, social networking is becoming one of the main uniting factors between young people around the world. In general, social networks are structures made up of groups of people who share a common interest or who are connected in some way or another. These networks act as connectors, creating World Wide Web communities across boarders. The idea of social networks is growing rapidly. The most common networks include Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo, however the success of these sites have given rise to new more specified groups and networks. Social networking has brought millions of people together already, and if it continues to gain popularity there is no predicting the advancements in communication it will bring. The entire world is being affected by this up and coming technology. In particular the United States and London, two English speaking countries have been using social networks in similar ways. In both countries there is proof of positive effects stemming from these somewhat new networks; however, skeptics argue that continued growth in this area will only lead to disaster and negative outcomes. The various types of social networking and how they have been growing over the past few years, although the same in the US and London, has generated very different feelings throughout the general public as to weather these networks are creating good or bad.

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