The Socialist Party is a political party in Vovatra. Its official color is Aqua.


The Socialist Party was founded in August 1 AU. It is the oldest left-wing party in Vovatra.

Political Position

The Socialist Party is generally considered to be Communist, and it is definitely the furthest-left party in the Vovatran Parliament. It is economically on the hard left and believes in the establishment of a Council elected only by Socialist Party members.

Voting Base

The SP has its most solid base among workers in the Pink Jungle, especially the eartern part.


The Socialist Party is a full member of the United Left. It is the smallest of the three full members.


The Socialist Party has about 4% of votes, giving it 4 seats in the lower hosue of parliament. It is not a member of the government or official opposition, although it generally votes with the opposition.

The SP runs a coalition government in the town of Silvia, supported by other leftist parties. It has small levels of representation in local councils across the globe, but most heavily in the Pink Jungle and Southern Plains.

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