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Throughout history, artists have successfully exposed social injustices, challenged the status quo, inspired political action and, thus, meaningfully participated in and contributed to the democratic process.

Socially engaged art challenges disenfranchised notions of the social and political roles of artists in contemporary society.

Social Issues & Contemporary Art

Socially Engaged Artists

Socially Engaged Art Educators

  • David Darts
  • Dipti Desai
  • Paul Duncum
  • Kerry Freedman
  • Elizabeth Garber
  • Charles Garoian
  • Olivia Gude
  • jan jagodzinski
  • Joe Kincheloe
  • Robert Sweeny
  • Kevin Tavin


  • Conversation Pieces (2004) by Grant H. Kester
  • The Interventionists: User's Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life (2004) by Nato Thompson and Gregory Sholette
  • One Place after Another: Site Specific Art and Locational Identity (2004) by Miwon Kwon
  • Participation (Documents of Contemporary Art) (2006) by Claire Bishop
  • Relational Aesthetics (1998) by Nicholas Bourriaud

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