This story is fictional. It is not canon to Thomas in any way. Please read with an open mind.

The North Western Railway is and never was always so happy. The writers of the Railway Series, and the TV series only explored the optimistic happy plots. Very rarely did they stay otherwise. This story you're about to read explores these uncharted territories, without any restraints. You may be saddened, offended, angered, or a mix of the three - please, read with discretion.

Sodor: The Dark Times

Tragedy Strikes the North Western Railway

{Thomas backs into Tidmouth Sheds, between James and Henry.}

James: Oh, look here's here - Thomas, Mr. Number One, everybody's favorite.

Thomas: I'm not everyone's favorite. There's some that don't trust steam engines.

Henry: He has a point there, James.

{Sir Topham Hatt drives up in his car. He walks over to Thomas.}

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, I need you to take coal trucks around the Island. Stanley will look after Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas: Yes, sir.

Homestar Jr.: All right, then.

So, Thomas and his crew - Homestar Jr. and Palm-Palm - set off to collect the coal trucks. When they arrived, the yard manager was waiting for him.

Yard Manager: Thomas, you are to deliver the coal around the Island.

Thomas: Yes, sir.

Soon, Thomas had delivered most of his coal trucks around the Island.

Homestar Jr.: C'mon, Thomas, just two more loads to deliver and we'll have a nice rest.

Thomas: All right, let's do it!

{Thomas' wheels spin faster and faster until... BANG!!! Thomas' wheels slow to a complete stop. Pitch black.}

Homestar Jr.: {voice over} Thomas! Are you all right?!

Palm-Palm: He's unconscious. I think his smokebox has burst. Call the yards immediately!

Homestar Jr. called the yards about Thomas, and soon, Edward and Emily came to Thomas. Smoke billowed from Thomas' smokebox.

Edward: Oh, Thomas. Tell me it isn't so!

Emily: What? What's happened?

Edward: {sighs} Nothing, Emily. Please take the trucks back to Tidmouth.

Emily: But, Edward I-

Edward: Please! Emily, go.

Emily: {as she backs} I, uh...

Emily took the coal trucks back to Tidmouth Station. The stationmaster was waiting for her.

Stationmaster: Hello, Emily. I received a call - Thomas' structure is being brought back. He's in pretty bad shape, Emily.

Emily: What's wrong?

Stationmaster: He's been brought to Tidmouth Sheds, Emily. I don't think they'll have time to get to Knapford.

Emily: {puffs away} Don't have time?! Oh, no!

Emily arrived at Tidmouth Sheds. Molly was there, and Thomas was in a shed.

Molly: Don't go any further, Emily. You'll only experience more heartbreak.

Emily: No, I want to see him!

Molly: No, Emily, it's too late.

Emily: No, it's never too late-

Molly: EMILY! Don't you realize why it's so quiet around here? The burst was too large. It caused a crack in his smokebox...

Emily: Molly....

Molly: Emily, I'm... sorry. {Henry and Toby puff slowly alongside Molly.} Henry, take Emily back to the station. She doesn't need to be here.

'Henry: Right, Molly. Come on, Emily....

{Henry and Emily leave Toby and Molly by themselves.}

Molly: He's really gone... {A tear streams down her face.}

{Gordon puffs alongside Toby, Percy and Stanley arrive.}

Stanley: He was a true member of Sodor.

Percy: He was my best friend ever.

Toby: And now, we will never see him again.

Gordon: Come on, Molly, let's go and... and let him rest in peace.

Molly: Okay, Gordon.

Next day, a funeral was held for Thomas.

Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas was killed from a crack in his smokebox Tuesday afternoon. A most likely cause of the explosion was gunpowder. Thomas will be remembered for his work on the railway. A credit to the North Western Railway, or any other railway for that matter. He was a truly remarkable engine.

The engine said their goodbyes to Thomas, still facing away from them. Molly went last.

Molly: ...he wasn't the perfect boyfriend, but I still loved him a lot. He would always find a way to make me laugh if I was down... I wish I could have given him one last kiss before... {voice trails off} I'll miss him. {cries quietly}

The engines soon left for their work. Except Molly. She wanted to be with Thomas.

Molly: {smiling sadly} Don't worry, Thomas. I promise I will avenge your death. I will destroy whoever killed you, and will make sure you are still engine number one on Sodor!

Molly had made her vow to her late boyfriend, but that's another story.

Thomas did not survive his accident.

The burst caused a crack in his smokebox.

They say it killed him almost instantly.

The North Western Railway was left...

...without a Number 1.

Times have changed, tastes of change. It has been five long weeks ever since Thomas' passing, the country has begun withdrawing steam engines, and withdrawal was in full swing. Sir Topham Hatt and his associates realize, that this would have never relieved them into bankruptcy.

Harry the New Number One

The engines were filed into Knapford Station early one morning.

{Spencer arrives last, and backs down next to Duck.}

Spencer: Right, we're all to show up here for what reason? There's no passenger in sight, and I'm still tired!

Duck: We didn't come to hear you complain for what that's worth!

Spencer: Oh, shut up you little Western rat!

Neville: Oh, here's Sir Topham Hatt. He must have called us here.

James: Oh, joy!

Sir Topham Hatt: Right, sorry to call you all here so early. Those of you all can tell, the railway's not doing so well financially. As a last resort, I have called you all here to meet our newest member of the railway. He's coming from all the way in England, he left last night and he should be arriving sometime in the next few minutes.

{A whistle is heard in the distance. Backing down next to Edward is a Gresley J50, in apple green paint, LNER on it's sidetanks, and the number 1.}

Sir Topham Hatt: Here is Harry. He was made by the old Great Northern Railway works in Britain.

Edward: Hello, Harry, and welcome to Sodor.

Molly: I already don't like him.

Toby: Neither do I.

Later that night, the engines were fast asleep, but at one point in the night, Harry left the sheds. This awoke Molly, who then fell fast asleep again.

{Molly is having a bad dream: Harry (blurred) puffs forward.}

Harry: {echoing} I got you now, Thomas! This gunpowder will ignite before you reach Elsbridge!

{Thomas is puffing forward cheerfully with coal trucks behind him, when BANG!!! Molly awakes at dawn.}

Molly: Oh! Ohhh, God....

Molly was frightened and deeply angered by this dream. She told it to Percy later that week.

Percy: Oh, my! That's a really bad dream.

Molly: Scares me as realism. I saw everything!

Emily: It's just a dream, Molly. Harry wouldn't do it.

Molly: I'm going to keep an eye on him, though. Something doesn't bode well with him.

Molly's skepticism deprived in her sleep. So much so, she got up one night and idled, in Knapford goods sheds.

Marzipan: All right, you can stay here. Perhaps you can get some sleep now. I'm going home, it's rather late.

Molly: All right, Marzipan.

Molly then noticed two figures in the station platform. One was Harry, the other was indistinguishable.

Molly: Wait, Marzipan, come back!

Harry: It's been several weeks ever since Thomas' - err - accident. It's come to my intention, that the gunpowder is arriving soon.

LNER D40: Soon? You're not thinking of doing it now, are you?

Harry: Not quite yet. We still need to give the engines time to accept me as one of their own. {smirks evilly} They never suspected foul play, so they won't suspect little old me or anything.

LNER D40: You're very sly. We better leave now, it's almost light.

Harry: Good idea. Good night, 2275.

Molly thought it best not to talk about what she had heard. Next day, she and Harry were double heading a goods train to the other railway.

{Harry backs down onto Molly, already coupled to the train.}

Marzipan: Molly, what are we going to do?

Molly: You leave it to me, and it was my friend, and I won't let this happen whatever it is.

The two then set off for the other railway. {Harry whistles and Molly does too.}

Molly felt nervous, but hatred grew inside her as they went along.

Harry: You are a quiet girl, aren't you?

Molly: I'm just tired that's all - barely slept last night.

Marzipan: She's rather perked up.

Molly grimaced as she felt Harry's buffers go cold.

{Later, Molly and Harry arrive at the other railway station. The two engines are uncoupled.}

Molly: Nice trip, wasn't it? {Harry does not answer.}

The train was taken away, and the two engines went to the sheds rest. There were no other engines there.

Molly: So... you were built by the Great Northern Railway, eh?

Harry: That's right.

Molly: I heard Thomas knew a J50. He came from those works with a build number - 66237. Sir Topham Hatt scrapped him though, as he was rude caused accidents. Sir Topham Hatt has the power you know.

Harry: So, what?

Molly: And this engine nearly - how can I put this? - caused a fatal accident in relation to Thomas.

Harry perked up an angry look on his face.

Harry: You foolish D16! You heard last night didn't you?!

Molly: Yes I did! I know about your little scheme! You want all the engines to like you, and then the railway goes up in smoke! They're smarter than that, you know!

Harry: Apparently not! Sir Topham Hatt will be designating me to run the Ffarqhuar branch line from now on! They trust me with their lives.

Molly: Sir Topham Hatt wants you far away from the railway as possible, more like!

Harry: If that's so, then how do they not suspect me about Thomas' death, hmm?! They sound pretty ignorant to me - a weak engine with all the problems! I knew he was of an extinct class, and they would have never suspected foul play!

Molly: You'll never touch them - not as long as I'm around!

Harry: You can't stop this, you fool! {smiles evilly} A chain of gunpowder wagons are heading towards the sheds this very instant!

Molly: I'll stop it! {starts to chuff away}

Harry: You shan't! {He rolls and bumps Molly off the rails.} I shall destroy your railway, and my class will take over! Enjoy the guilt! {puffs away}

Workman: Oh, my word! Will-

Molly: get me back on

The workmen lifted her off the rails. With a loud whistle, she pounded the rails back towards Sodor.

{At Knapford, the D40 shunts four loaded gunpowder vans.}

Stationmaster: We didn't order gunpowder vans. Well, shunt them into the sidings or figure out something.

Stan Marsh: Dude, what the hell are the gunpowder vans for?

Kenny McCormick: (Yeah, they weren't ordered!)

Homeschool Winner: They're going to destroy us!

Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Duck, Douglas, Neville, Spencer, and Whiff: DESTROY US?!!?

Molly: Oh, god, I need more speed!

Marzipan: You're going 80, the rails can't handle anymore.

Molly: I don't care - just do it!

Molly's regulator was opened further, and she pounded the rails with a massive noise!

Harry: Just a few more minutes, and it will happen!

Molly: We're at the border! Just a couple more miles...

{The D40 is backing away from Knapford, without the gunpowder vans.}

Homeschool Winner: Everybody, evacuate the station!

{The engine crews escape to the exits, as well as the passengers in Spencer's express.}

Spencer: HEY! What about me?!

{Molly is pounding her wheels faster and faster. Back at Knapford, Percy sees a red glow in the distance, then, as Molly heads to Sodor, a huge explosion is seen. Cut to pitch black.}

Molly: {voice over} No! No, God, no!

{Molly puffs towards Knapford Station slowly. She passes a signal box, and stops in front of the remains. We see a blown up Knapford Station, with the remains of Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Duck, Douglas, Neville, Spencer and Whiff (not shown). Sad at the loss of her friends, Molly puffs slowly away.}

The Final Attack

{Show a funeral in front of Knapford's remains. Gordon (with Bubs and Coach Z), Toby (with Kevin McCormick), Donald (with Star Bad and Star Sad), Oliver (with Craig Tucker and Tweek Tweak), Stanley (with Homestar and Strong Glad), Emily (with Wendy and Bebe), and Molly (with Marzipan and Homstand) are there, as well as the crews of the late engines, a B12, two A3's, and a D16. Sir Topham Hatt is behind a podium, with pictures of Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Duck, Douglas, Neville, Spencer and Whiff.}

Sir Topham Hatt: Nine engines were killed at Knapford Thursday evening, as well as twenty station employees. The cause of the explosion were four loaded gunpowder vans, placed by an unknown engine. Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Duck, Douglas, Neville, Spencer, and Whiff will be remembered for their work on the railway. They've been loyal, friendly, and had the initiation to get the job done. They were truly remarkable engines. Credits to the North Western Railway, or any railway for that matter. We can only assume the attack on our railway, was done by Harry the Gresley J50. As a result, I will be resigning in three weeks. I can't bear the shame I brought on this island.

{Gordon, Toby, Donald, Oliver, Stanley, Emily, and Molly are at Vicarstown Sheds. Molly is still upset.}

Toby: Molly, there is nothing you could have done to give him the circumstances.

Molly: {sniffles} I know. But I still feel partially guilty.

Donald: Och, I also feel forlorn. I have a sudden feeling things can only get worse from here on out.

To the sole surviving engines on Sodor, for the next two days, it seemed quiet. Donald missed his twin very badly, and remembered times when they would impersonate one another. Emily wouldn't forget times she had been crazy for Henry. Gordon remembered his races with Spencer. Stanley and Toby missed Percy and Thomas deeply. Oliver remembered his best friend Duck. Molly felt miserable most of all. First, she vowed to avenge Thomas. Now see had to avenge the engines that had lost their lives.

{Harry is puffing slowly on another part of the Island. He stops alongside an engine like him - Kenny.}

Kenny: You do know this stupid attempt may well have put our funnels under the guillotine!

Harry: You ordered it, Kenny.

Kenny: I never once did say 66237 gone to destroy god-damn stations! You killed nearly twenty people from what I heard! You have been too cold-hearted. You kill innocent people, exactly the opposite of what I expected from you. You will be dealt with. You will be followed wherever you go. And any attempt of destroying anyone else will mean the end of you.

{Harry sneers at Kenny, and puffs away. Later, Molly pulls red coaches to Elsbridge Station. She stops by Emily, looking shocked. Molly is shocked too, and we see why the girls are shocked - Kenny's remains and fire trucks.}

Molly: Oh, my god! They killed Kenny!

Emily: Who could have done this, Molly?

Molly: It's dreadfully obvious, isn't it?

Emily: Harry....

Molly: It's time, Emily. Are you up to it?

Emily: If it means avenging my old friends, then yes, Molly. However, we will strike when the moment is right!

{Show Harry puffing on the track in an oval. The screen blacks out with a bang. Show the engines at Elsbridge, listening to an inside radio.}

Radio: There have been several bombings on the North Western Railway and the mainland. We will have more information on the bombings... {continues under the engines' speech}

Oliver: Why would he be bombing conscientious places?

Molly: He wants to get rid of any sources that might link back to him.

Toby: If that's the case, then some of your friends from Copley Hill will be next.

Molly: {gasps} Oh, god, you're right! I'd better move!

Donald: It's too late, Molly. If he's progressing past the Southern Region, he'll be at King's Cross before you reach the mainland.

Molly: Not... if I use the fast-line. LNER engines are made for those speeds. There's no trains for me scheduled for tomorrow. I'll fill up on water and coal. {She leaves, leaving the other engines stunned.}

Stanley: What is she thinking?

{Harry arrives at a Southern Railway sheds, an N class 2-6-0 in the sheds.}

Harry: I need to hide here for the time being! I'm being watched, and I can't be seen!

SR N Class: All right, get in the shed. {Harry does so.}

{Molly is puffing towards Copley Hill. She hears an explosion.}

Molly: Flippin' hell! Did you hear that?

Marzipan: Yes, Harry is near.

{Harry is puffing past an SR station.}

Harry: This is absurd! How can my plan have backfired so badly?

{Molly is puffing along the Sodor viaduct; Harry passes a crossing gate; Molly goes through Henry's tunnel, the countryside, and under a bridge; Harry arrives at Copley Hill Station, a V3 and A4 are there.}

LNER A4: Look, it's one of our own. How are you doing, mate?

Harry: Fairly well, thank you, I'm looking for a bit of a rest; can you show me the sheds?

LNER V3: Certainly.

{Back on Sodor, the other engines are in the sheds.}

Emily: I have a terrible feeling. I must find Molly and stop her from destroying herself.

Gordon: No, Emily.

Oliver: It's too risky.

Stanley: You could get hurt, too.

Emily: I have to. She's my best friend. {puffs away} Friends don't quit!

{Emily sets off to Copley Hill to find Molly. Meanwhile, Harry is in the sheds with the V3, a J39, and an N7.}

Harry: Very nice sheds, my cousins.

LNER N7: Thank you, number 1.

LNER J39: Were you just recently built? I haven't seen you around here.

Harry: You could say that.

{Molly has now reached Copley Hill, and backs into a siding.}

Molly: Everybody, get out! There's a bomb in there!

{Hearing this, the V3, N7 and J39 leave the sheds, leaving Harry alone.}

Harry: Damn! Well, goodbye, Molly, and thanks for ruining my plans once again!

Molly: Oh, no! You're not going anywhere! I'm taking you with me!

{Marzipan opens Molly's regulator, she and Homstand jump off Molly as she advances forwards to Harry.}

Harry: What?! NO!

Molly: {as she shunts Harry further in the sheds} I love you, Thomas!!!

{Explosion as Emily puffs into view, horrified. She looks at the remains of Copley Hill sheds.}

Emily: Oh, no! Molly... {cries}

LNER B12: I heard you came here too late as well, my friend.

LNER A1: She's a hero, she is! Killed the bomber herself!

Emily: {in tears} She was my best friend, I'll miss her now...

Soon, Emily and the B12 took Molly's remains back to Sodor. Molly's yellow paint was scratched, her bufferbeam was wrecked, she lost a wheel or two, her side rods cracked, cab dented, but worst of all, her beautiful face had faded into a smokebox door.

Gordon: Oh no, not Molly!

LNER B12: She was a really brave engine. Gave up her life to stop the mad bomber.

Toby: {smiles sadly} At least Harry's gone, but we've lost Molly too.

Later on, a funeral was held for Molly too.

Sir Topham Hatt: Molly was the bravest steam locomotive I could ever have. She gave up her own life to stop Harry the J50. She will be remembered as the heroine of Sodor. I'll be staying in charge of the railway, for my brave fleet of locomotives.

{We see a painting of Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Emily, Whiff, Neville, Spencer and Stanley side-by-side in a gold picture frame. The title on the bottom reads: "The Courageous Engines of the North Western Region of British Railways.}

{We see another painting, this time of Molly, puffing happily pulling three red coaches, and a gold picture frame too. The title reads: "Molly, the Heroine of Sodor."}

The End of my Dream

{We are presented with the scrapyards. The remains of Thomas, Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Duck, Douglas, Spencer, Neville, Whiff, and Molly are being broken up for scrap. We cut to a close up of Thomas' face (eyes closed) at the works. The image becomes clear as the camera pulls back.}

Homestar Jr.: Thomas. Thomas? Thomas, wake up!

{Thomas wakes up startled, and sees all the engines shown the Dark Times series surrounding him.}

Thomas: Wh-What- Where am I?

Homestar Jr.: You've been having a nightmare. We've brought you here back at Tidmouth. You were broken down on the track the other day.

Thomas: Did I? Oh dear, I must've had an awful nightmare! I must have dosed off there!

Homestar Jr.: Yes, I know, Thomas.

Edward: But you're safe now.

Thomas: I've been dreaming about a Dark Time! It was so unbelievable! You were all different! Molly, you were the heroine of the railway!

Molly: Um, what? Oh! I didn't know that!

Thomas: And... and Emily, you were so keen about me!

Emily: Wha- Am I? Oh, I guess I am. {smiles like an idiot}

Gordon: Was I in your dream, Thomas?

Thomas: Yes, you were just... Gordon.

Sir Topham Hatt: Well, Thomas, you're repaired now. You'll learn well, won't you?

James: I'm really sorry I was rude, Thomas. You are a famous engine after all.

Thomas: Ah, that's all right, James.

Percy: Your dream doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Thomas: No, it was horrible! Many of you were all killed!

Molly: Even me?

Thomas: Yes, even you, Molly. I was dreaming about someone called Harry. You haven't heard of him, have you?

Engines and crews: No.

Thomas: Oh, then, it was only a dream, {Really Useful Engine starts.} and I'll never believe it ever again.

(Starring the voice talents of:)
He's a really useful engine, you know. (James R. as Thomas, Percy, Duck and B12)
All the other engines, they'll tell you so. (William G. as Gordon, James, Oliver, Sir Topham Hatt and A4)
He huffs and puffs and whistles, rushing to an fro. (Mike J. as Henry)
He's the really useful engine we adore! (Matthew G. as Edward, Stanley, Spencer, Kenny and V3)

He's a really useful engine, you know. (Chelsea B. as Emily; Blake T. as Molly)
Cause the Fat Controller, he told him so. (James GWR as Toby, Neville, Whiff, 2275, and SR N)
Now he's got a branch line to call his very own, (Richard J. as Donald and Douglas, Harry, N7, J39 and A1)
He's the really useful engine we adore! (and Danni *. as the Narrator)

He's the one, (Written, Filmed and Directed by Zack W.)
He's the number one, (Set Construction by Zack W.)
Thomas the Tank Engine... (Special Thanks to Richard J., Ozzie B. and all Thomas fans)
He's the really useful engine we adore! (No trains were destroyed in the making of this series.)

{song ends}


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