• Clover as Princeton
  • Sofia as Kate Monster
  • Baileywick as Rod
  • King Roland II as Nicky
  • Prince James as Brian
  • Princess Amber as Christmas Eve
  • Aunt Tilly as Gary Coleman
  • Cedric the Sorcerer as Trekkie Monster
  • Princess Vivian as Lucy
  • Ruby as Blue Bear
  • Jade as Yellow Bear

Musical numbers

Act I

  • "Avenue Q Theme" - Cast
  • "What Do You Do With a B.A. in English?" - Clover
  • "It Sucks to Be Me" - Sofia, Prince James, Baileywick, King Roland II, Princess Amber, Clover and Aunt Tilly
  • "If You Were Gay" - Baileywick and King Roland II
  • "Purpose" - Clover
  • "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist" - Clover, Sofia, Aunt Tilly, Prince James and Princess Amber
  • "The Internet is for Pom" - Sofia, Cedric the Sorcerer, Baileywick, Prince James, Aunt Tilly and Clover
  • "Mix Tape" - Sofia and Clover
  • "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" - Prince James
  • "Special" - Princess Vivian
  • "You Can Be as Loud as the Heck You Want" - Clover, Sofia, Aunt Tilly, Ruby, Jade, Prince James, Princess Amber and Cedric the Sorcerer
  • "Fantasies Come True" - Baileywick, King Roland II, Clover and Sofia
  • "My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada" - Baileywick
  • "There's a Fine, Fine Line" - Sofia

Act II

  • "There Is Life Outside Your Apartment" - Prince James, Clover, Princess Amber, King Roland II, Cedric the Sorcerer, Aunt Tilly and Princess Vivian
  • "The More You Ruv Someone" - Princess Amber and Sofia
  • "Schadenfreude" - Aunt Tilly and King Roland II
  • "I Wish I Could Go Back to College" - Sofia, King Roland II and Clover
  • "The Money Song" - King Roland II, Clover, Aunt Tilly, Princess Amber and Prince James
  • "School for Monsters" - Cedric the Sorcerer
  • "For Now" - Cast

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