• Prince James as Big Bird
  • Clover as Hoots the Owl


Prince James: What makes a fly fly?
What makes a flower flower?
What makes a duck duck like a duck?
And look at that tower tower.

Clover: Hey, what makes a leaf leaf?
And crows crow instead of singing?
A chime knows the time to chime like a chime
And how does a swing know swinging?

Prince James: Everything just seems to know
Exactly what to do.

Clover: But as for how they know it
I haven't got a clue.
Listen, James, let's let the fly just fly.
And let's let the flower flower.
Just let the duck duck like a duck.
And let the big tower tower.

Prince James: Sometimes you don't ask why.
Sometimes it's nice to see.

Clover: We don't have to get the answers yet.
We'll just let the bee just bee.

Prince James: We'll just let the fly and the flower and the duck.

Clover: And the tower and the leaves and the crow and the chime.</span

Prince James: And the swing and the little buzzing bee...

Prince James and Clover: Just bee!
Just bee!

Clover: (spoken) Just bee, Prince James!

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